April 26, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Fort Morgan Times "EMS Symposium offers education to locals"

Dan Barker:
"Crone warned the participants that they might face some new situations with the designer drugs that are out on the streets now.
For example, there is a form of synthetic marijuana often called spice or K-2 that causes agitation or aggression instead of the relative calm of true marijuana, although it looks and smells similar to marijuana, he said.

Also, there are designer drugs disguised as bath salts but intended for consumption. It is a stimulant meant to give a similar effect to cocaine or methamphetamine, Crone said.
EMS workers could run into young people who have used these substances. If they are showing altered mental status, emergency responders may want to consider whether they have consumed these products, he said.
They can do damage to internal organs, Crone warned.

In the decontamination drill, a simulated zone was set aside as a place where hazardous waste had spilled. Part of the process is to separate all non-essential items such as backpacks, notebooks or technology and put them in a special container for disposal. People will never get those things back....."
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