April 28, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit County Citizens Voice "Morning photo: Leftovers"

How about you?

Could you look at day after day of 'repeats' of professional photographer Bob Berwyn's photos?

I could.  In fact, he has such a vast archive accumulation of 'Morning Photo' shots on his website, 'Summit County Citizens Voice' and albums in both 'RedBubble' and 'Imagekind'; we could give him a break on new output for the rest of 2012 and still be happy campers.

Support Independent Media.  These guys are out there with some of the best content on the web.  And they have to pay the rent just like you do.  Berwyn offers a wide range of options to purchase his incredible photography, including his annual calendar.

We'll take his "Leftovers" any day.

All credit:  Bob Berwyn

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