May 29, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Snowmass Village tourism officials 
intertwine marketing with Aspen name"

Chad Abraham:
"Snowmass Village Councilman John Wilkinson often draws blank stares at other ski resorts, even in Colorado, when he tells fellow skiers where he resides.

But mention Aspen and it’s instant recognition, he said.

Snowmass tourism officials know the feeling. Last week, Susan Hamley, director of the town’s Snowmass Tourism office, unveiled a new advertising campaign that will tout the variety of activities not just in the village but also in Aspen and elsewhere in the valley.

One potential ad Hamley displayed to Town Council on May 21 features a photo of the Belly Up, the popular concert venue in Aspen.

The advert “plays up what we have here in Snowmass, what we have with our partners in Aspen and what you can get in the valley,” Hamley said. “We mention Aspen in the copy as well, saying that the combination of these two neighbors is powerful.”

But Hamley said in an email that the effort should not be construed as the town “abandoning our own identity.”

“While we’ve also always promoted Aspen arts and cultural organizations as well as bigger events there, our board would like to align even more with our highly recognized neighbor,” she said. “Aspen is a key differentiator for Snowmass ... not for all audiences but for many.”...."
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