May 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Eagle County Times "Cordillera Litigation Update – May 2012"

The answer, ECT.  Is no, not until powerful enough authorities cut through all this dross layering the real problem, on both sides, up in Cordillera.

"by the fans of Paul Drake and Della Street':
"Up until last week – it was quiet for weeks concerning the ongoing Cordillera Litigation case.
Last week – lots of new Public Record information became available from that (will it ever end?) Cordillera Lawsuit(s)?....

.......Alpine Bank – Recall that Alpine has a performing outstanding loan with the WFP for ~$13.7 Million (Click Here).  The ECT has been told several times alleging that this (interest only) WFP loan from Alpine Bank is due in it’s entirety at the end of June 2012.  Will Alpine be paid in full at the end of next month?  No one knows for sure – till the clock runs out.

Alpine has also filed in District Court alleging that they have (“first-priority security interest in the 2011 membership dues”) over the interests of the Cordillera Golf Course members.  (Click Here)......"
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