May 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Newsy "Arizona Passes Law to Cut All Planned Parenthood Services"


gws44 said...

Good for Governor Brewer. Planned Parenthood has had years worth of multiple chances to forensic expose how they use all funding. They don't do that and the evidence mounts that they are likely very similar to a local non-profit chamber of commerce and any chamber that uses tourism public dollars to keep themselves solvent. Planned Parenthood has to show that federal funds for "healthcare" is all they use those funds for. Seperate employees, seperate office machines and the list goes on. Otherwise they're breaking federal law and co-mingling the funds. Hooray again for Arizona Guv Jan Brewer.

mack said...

all these kinds of non profit or public funded frauds need to have the plug of public funds pulled. when the people who're strong enough to do that get bullied and called a "war against women" that's no different than people trying to uphold the law on illegals getting called a racist. The people standing up for laws to be upheld and positive change to stop these kinds of things are patriots.