May 23, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Note From Nanny "Tough Breaks"

(Update from 'FCL')

'Sandbox Nanny' ended up having surgery on her wrist Thursday.  I'm going to do a few posts for her this evening but then unfortunately, we are heading out camping at our house for the Memorial weekend.  She should be back up and running (she thinks so, anyway...) over the weekend.   Comment moderation still on global blog capture.

 If not, then I'll pinch hit for her when we get back. (cue in sound of evil laughter)...because now......I have the password to access the blog!)
(sighs...rolls eyes....)

Morning, everyone!

SandBox Nanny is typing one-handed today as late yesterday evening, she biffed down some concrete stairs and fractured her wrist in a couple of places.......ouch....

Blog wise, that translates out to some pinch-hitters who need to juggle schedules and holiday to help out.

Thanks for your patience.....have a great...long....relaxing and safe holiday weekend!

(....comments on a global blog comment  moderation lock for now.  Comment in, but they will go into hold mode until I look them over and things return to normal.)

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