March 7, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/Your Letters "Thompson Divide drilling wouldn't be all bad"

'SandBox Nanny' will just set aside still yet another letter written in commending the Garfield County BOCC for denying the alleged 'people killer' asphalt plant next to the 'organic farm that was never "in danger" in the first place' by stating again that Commissioner Mike Samson was right and both Martin and Jankovsky were shamelessly courting voters.

And instead toss up a letter from Stuart Cerise in Carbondale.  His words of calm in a purposefully inflamed disinformation war over Thompson Divide make sense.  Click title, it's a good read.

"A couple comments on Joe Mollica's letter of March 3. As someone who has recreated and worked in the Thompson Creek, Four Mile and Divide Creek area for more than 50 years, I concur that is a great area to do such in.

I do remember gas drilling and logging activity in the area many years ago, as well as loud gas-driven compressor stations, pipeline installations and all the related activity. Those drillers and loggers created trails and improved the old roads to a passable status. They harvested timber, reduced overgrowth, created trails for deer, elk and the cattle who summer there.

Yes, there were problems, but they were usually related to specific issues such as meeting a truck in a narrow section of roadway and each harping that the other was on the wrong side of the road. Everyone got along pretty well, and the entire area benefited from it...."

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