March 7, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Coloradoan "What did your tax dollars pay for? Keep Fort Collins Great sales tax sent about $20 million to city's coffers"

Conservatives are not always 'anti-taxes'.  When it makes sense, when it is fiscally responsible and when the benefits exceed what's spent; they generally support an increase.

When Fort Collins passed the 'Keep Fort Collins Great' sales tax it was a bi-partisan effort.

One that looks like it is paying off.  Kudos to the folks up, over and up again  in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Kevin Duggan:
"Fort Collins officials say city residents are seeing the benefits of their willingness to raise their own taxes.
In 2011, the first year that revenue from the so-called Keep Fort Collins Great sales tax was available, about $19.9 million came into the city's coffers.

That spurred more than $14.2 million in spending on projects ranging from the resurfacing of major streets to keeping the water flowing in popular fountains in community parks. Another $19 million is budgeted to be spent in 2012.

Differences brought on by the fiscal boost around the community have been profound, City Manger Darin Atteberry said in an interview..."  (Read more?  Click title)

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