May 9, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "News in brief"

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Aspen Daily News:
"Laurie Reno, 30, who was also accused of faking the doctor’s name in an attempt to get a prescription drug from Carl’s Pharmacy, quietly pleaded guilty to a felony count of uttering a false or forged order.

Judge Gail Nichols of Pitkin County District Court approved the sentence, which involves one year of unsupervised probation so Reno can go to an inpatient treatment program in California. After a year in the program, she must then contact the Pitkin County probation office for another year of probation that will be supervised.

Reno’s attorney, public defender Tina Fang, said her client pleaded guilty even though there were “factual issues that warranted her having the prescription.”

The case was also “ripe with suppression issues,” Fang said, because Reno, when she was arrested April 4, invoked her right to an attorney and Aspen police officers continued to question her.

“This seems to another case of the Aspen Police Department not understanding 4th and 6th Amendment procedures,” the attorney said. She added that the supposed factual and suppression issues likely factored into the decision by Chief Deputy District Attorney Arnold Mordkin to offer the plea agreement.

But Mordkin said that was not the case...."
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