August 26, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times "Inalienable Rights - Obama and his need for credit"

Charlie Leonard:
"An extraordinary “real-time e-book” was published this week.

According to the publishers, "Obama's Last Stand" follows the president's reelection campaign of President Barack Obama as it struggles to find the winning formula in a political landscape that has changed dramatically since his history-making victory in 2008.”

The book was written by a senior writer for Politico, an online news publication that's dedicated exclusively to politics and elections. It's also widely respected by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Like several insider campaign books that have been written before, the writers of “Obama's Last Stand” gained extraordinary access to the people running the president's re-election campaign. What makes this book so unique, however, is that it was published before, rather than after, Election Day.

What's more, the writers themselves seem genuinely surprised at how willing the president's men and women were to tell them, for publication, exactly what the president has said in private about his record, his opponent and the tenor of his campaign.

Most of the news coverage of the book in the last 48 hours has focused on a number of excerpts in the book where the president goes on rants with his aides about how much he personally dislikes Mitt Romney.

But the one passage that really got my attention was early on when the president was letting off steam with several of his aides about what troubles him most should he fail to be re-elected...."
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