May 26, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times "Out for themselves"

Terrific column this week from Tony Vagneur.  Up on the Aspen Times.

Tony Vagneur:
"Speaking of papers, a recent story indicated that there was a big flap earlier in the year up around Radar Road in Skyline Park (formerly the Droste property) about some people ignoring closed signs to take a preseason gander at the flora and fauna.

Apparently, one of those receiving a ticket for violating the closure was some developer who felt a certain sense of entitlement about his egregiousness, based on the proximity of his house to the area and some real or imagined beneficence he'd granted to Pitkin County Open Space and Trails in its acquisition of the property. Never mind that his exercise of a perceived sense of privilege might have caused a cow elk to abort her calf or created other havoc in the local herd. To top it off, no sooner had an official trail ranger engaged the developer in a conversation about the seriousness of the transgression, the image of a mountain biker appeared from the closed area, adding insult to the entire illiterate escapade.

You can rest assured that no contingent of aggrieved elk, distressed that their once-private calving grounds are now being disrespected by people who should know better, will petition the powers that be for relief. That must come from those among us who sometimes fail to acknowledge personal responsibility....."
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