May 26, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit Daily News "Poverty a persistent and growing issue in Summit County"

Kathryn Corazzelli:
"....Summit Community Care Clinic executive director Sarah Vaine, a panelist at the event, said she appreciates the data, and finds it valuable and validating.

“If you're working with families that are struggling, it's hard to illustrate that it's happening,” she said. “This kind of data helps us understand where we can target some of those efforts, to discourage the disparities in health and education.”

Those disparities in health, wealth and education aren't seen by many, Vaine said, and predisposes children who end up with the shorter end of the stick with less opportunity.

Children who go to school with empty stomachs, or worried about things like their parents' financial woes, have a harder time learning and just don't do as well in class, panel member and Summit School District board member Sue Wilcox said.

“It's all related,” she said. “I'm shocked at the poverty levels and how they're growing.”

A past Summit Daily News article chronicling the high number of children who qualified for the free-and-reduced lunch program was not believed by some people Davidson talked to — they thought the numbers were wrong, he said.

“You may not be aware of what's going on in your own county,” Davidson said. “You may not see it.”

Children's Campaign president and CEO Chris Watney urged attendees to make sure the data for Summit, and all of Colorado, is well-publicized in order to spur change.

“As we reflect on this year's legislative session and prepare for election season, we believe this report will enable advocates across the state to highlight children's issues and bring this data to life,” Watney said. “Today's discussion reminded us that the numbers represent real children and families in our state, many of whom are struggling. We must continue to serve as a voice for vulnerable kids as decisions are being made that impact their lives.” (Read more of the article?  Click title)

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jbend said...

Reports like this always have the tone of surprise. Most of the people living in resort communities year round struggle with some form of poverty at all times.