May 26, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: KREX News 5 "District Attorney Motions to Dismiss Charges Against Kirk Firko"

After all DA Pete Hautzinger put Gene Lawyer and his family through, it hardly seems just or anywhere near fair that the likely real culprit of Kirk Firko escapes without a trial.

Unlike Trooper Lawyer's posts where SandBox blocked public commentary for the sake of Lawyer and his family, comment ability on this highly political move of Hautzingers is wide open.

Cori Coffin:
"MESA COUNTY, Colo.- A CSP trooper involved in a deadly shooting may no longer be prosecuted.

Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger has filed a motion to drop all charges against Cpl. Kirk Firko.

Firko was accused, along with State Trooper Ivan Lawyer, of negligent homicide and felony trespassing in connection to the shooting death of Jason Kemp.

Earlier this month, Lawyer was acquitted of all charges relating to Kemp's death.

Firko's trial was set to begin July 16.

In the motion to dismiss, Hautzinger said, "The people conclude that there is not sufficient reasonable likelihood of a Mesa County jury being unanimously convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of defendant Firko's guilt to justify going forward with another lengthy jury trial."

The DA went on to say that even though the people believe they don't have a case against Firko, the motion to dismiss is in no way an endorsement of Firko's or Lawyer's actions and the legality of them...."
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