May 19, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Citizen Telegram "Can you fight city hall?"

Isn't Mike McKibbins and his all new Citizen Telegram just terrific?!  

Mike McKibbins and his McKibbin's Scribblin's:
"It may be one of the most overused sayings, especially in politics of the local variety.

But it seems to apply in the case of two former mayors, John Steele and Dave Ling. Neither one of them used it when I talked to them this week, but here it is:

You can't fight city hall.

Their petitions to ask Rifle voters to overturn the City Council's decision to issue bonds and take advantage of very low interest rates on a $25.5 million new water treatment plant were rejected by City Clerk Lisa Cain.....

.......At any rate, time will tell how it all shakes out.But the petition rejection, for some reason, reminded me of last Sunday's episode of “Family Guy.” It's one of my favorite shows and last Sunday (might have been a repeat I missed) had Peter, the main character, joining the Tea Party. He and his friends listened to all the talk of how government is evil and bad. They eventually get the mayor of Quohog (voiced by Batman, Adam West) to disband the town's government and stop all its services.

Mayhem, and hilarity, ensue.

Soon, Peter tells his fellow citizens they need a system of rules and order or they'll go down in flames. He describes the exact same system they disbanded. And that's what the good citizens of Quohog end up with at the end.

What does this episode of “Family Guy” have to do with Rifle and the $25.5 million water plant?

Nothing much, I guess. Other than both dealt with city halls and people who disagreed with how things were handled by their local leaders.

I'm sure neither Steele nor Ling nor anyone else will seriously consider overthrowing Rifle City Hall. This isn't Quohog....."  (Read more?  Click title)

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