May 19, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel "Two oil shale research deals clear fed hurdle"

Very well done report from Dennis Webb.  Down and over on the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

Dennis Webb:
".....Both companies have proposed in-situ projects in which kerogen would be heated in place underground to produce oil. The processes would take place deeper than freshwater aquifers, in formations isolated from them, to minimize groundwater impacts.

“RD&D leases provide the opportunity for industry to test and develop technologies to determine whether they can be viable on a commercial scale,” Kent Walter, field manager of the BLM’s White River Field Office, said in a news release. “This critical research, development and demonstration work will also help us answer important questions about the water demands and potential impacts of commercial-scale development, so that we can forge a responsible and orderly path forward if the technology proves viable.”

The environmental review’s release follows the BLM’s recent proposal to sharply reduce overall acreage available for potential oil shale leasing in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. Under that proposal, it also would consider issuing only RD&D leases first, with the potential to issue commercial leases later depending on the success and impacts of initial projects....."
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