May 30, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/Your Letters "Correct the letters containing false information"

(whisper...whisper....when is the new publisher coming to town??!!....whisper...whisper....(yes, this is a 'whispering campaign').....the little guys can hardly wait to hear if she's a real journalist who believes in standards and ethics of her industry...can hardly wait to see if she's got some moxy to stand up and just say NO to the unbridled bias, so much worse than the worst of the worst tabloid output the PI's grown famous for over the past 10 years....whisper.. whisper...can hardly wait to see if she's got a price on her soul just like Swift reporters, editors and publishers to date have had and used to sell themselves and the communities they serve down the river with nearly every edition...whisper...whisper...can hardly wait to see if she has a sense of humor and can read something like:....... "Editor's note: The Post Independent offers a forum for diverse opinions on this page. We do reject some letters that contain incorrect information, but other letters blur the line between fact, perception and opinion. We encourage our letter-writers to respond and correct what they see as errors."....(btw...the 'shadow folk' will now write in and correct your errors today, TYVM).... and laugh as hard as most are laughing today at the PI...whisper...whisper...wonder what she's going to be like.....whisper...whisper..well, we can only hope.....)

Hmmmm....let's see.  As an attorney, Ted Hess should appreciate Just the Facts, right?

Let's toss a few up:

  • Setting aside the shameless use (actually in some of his press over CIRC, The Strawberry Days Massacre of 2011 and Norma Galindo Morales Gonzales the "outrageous use" is more accurate) by Ted Hess of the biased media outlet known as the Post Independent; this LTE could be seen as laughable.  At minimum, preposterous with little to no credibility.  Funny how that works and backfires on someone who manipulates and spins disinformation out onto the web.  Credibility when they want it can never come back in hand.

  • Let's toss out some facts about illegal foreign nationals and the methods they use to abuse our system, our people and our laws:    Public education is a good one----every single time they sign a child up for school and declare themselves as legal citizens with a legal address they commit blatant fraud.  Gets worse when that fraudulent act of signing a registration form "earns" federal tax dollars for the "body count" of their child.  Even worse when that child then goes on to gain access to more public funds, grants and otherwise of scholarships and services.  Another good one is how much every illegal on  American soil costs every single legal American household to provide them with basic services such as public education, law enforcement, emergency services, human services and public services.  In 2010, the estimate ran right under $1,700 per year, per legal household.       Another great fact is one that can be tracked back to one of Ted Hess's own clients and his family.  David Centeno.  The cost for law enforcement, judicial system, incarceration and deportation (multiple times on all) came out of legal American pockets.  Another terrific fact can also be tracked back to one of Ted Hess's clients.  Norma Galindo Morales Gonzales and her problem with ID.  Every single time an illegal gets behind the wheel of a vehicle and drives on American soil, they commit an illegal act.  We cannot even track the cost of traffic and accident related burden that illegal foreign nationals place on legal American shoulders every day.  There you have it, a few 'just the facts'. 
For me, the most outrageous hypocrisy spoken regarding  "immigration reform" is the hypocrisy spoken by people like Ted Hess who should know better. 

Here is a respected in many areas and ways local attorney, who spouts rhetoric so lacking in credibility and thrusts his cases into the media while at the same time, for every moment of air time he takes up, there are the most inhumane methods of human trafficking happening simultaneously on our borders that Ted Hess says nothing about.

Maybe a lot less talk on Ted Hess's part and a lot more action in getting safe and secure borders would be a better use of power.  Secure the borders and stop the deaths and exploitation.

For sure, every legal American footing the bill for the media circus surrounding 'immigration reform' would be highly appreciative of finally being able to end the problem and finally sit down at the table and work out true and humane reforms.

In the meantime, the ongoing local media circus that is CIRC, AJUA, Ted Hess, Anita Sherman's and reporters hanging on every word is at least 'entertaining'.

And keeps all of us on our toes making corrections to his output in that media circus he cultivates.

Immigration Attorney, Ted Hess of Glenwood Springs:
"Shame on the Post Independent for publishing Mike Johnson's letter of May 26. Mr. Johnson, of De Beque, asked the rhetorical question, “Can anyone explain to me why the illegal-undocumented aliens get all the welfare and assistance they need?”

Undocumented aliens do not receive food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Medicare, Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program, Section 8 Housing, Social Security or SSI. (Source: Guide to Immigrant Eligibility for Federal Programs, 2002, National Immigration Law Center, as updated by NILC Oct. 2011.)

Any rational resolution of our immigration debate is retarded when the paper publishes letters that use inflammatory and false facts. I thought the editor had the ultimate responsibility for what runs in the newspaper. If you are going to persist in permitting people to publish demonstrably false factual information, how about printing a correction under the letter?...." (Read the original letter?  Click title)

"Unapologetic pursuit and tracking of patterns within the news others make since 2010."

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