May 25, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: KJCT News 8 "Garfield County Combats Local Gangs"

'FCL' filling in for wounded Nanny tonight:

Great job, Garfield Sheriff!  Love the interview Kim in this video.

Even that 'interesting cure-all' by fan of Garfield S.O Anita Sherman!  By golly, just find some fun things for all our kids to do and the gang problems will be over!

So glad the S.O. is working so much harder than that and implementing measures that really work.  Stay the course, Garfield Sheriff and TAG.  Thank you for all you do!

Shannon Ballard:
"GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo -- The Garfield county sheriff's office is combating gangs on the Western Slope.

Part of that process is educating the community in hopes of controlling the problem.

Most people wouldn’t connect gangs to small town Colorado, but the Garfield County Sheriff's Office says it's an issue that's growing.

There are at least 25 known gangs in Garfield County.

Authorities are holding several special education sessions to bring awareness to the problem.

They’re going over everything from why kids join gangs and identification, to how recent gang activity is impacting the area.

Specialists say gangs may seem like a fictional concept, but they present a very real threat locally.

“We’re not L.A., we're not Chicago,” Sergeant Kim Sill with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office said.

“However, we do have a gang presence, we do have criminal activity being conducted by gangs, and it's a concern to our communities and to our county. We are going to combat it at every turn that we can.

The Sheriff's Office says the average age of gang recruitment is between eight and sixteen-years-old.
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