May 25, 2012

SandBox Blogs: Garfield Public Info "Sheriff Vallario Releases Statement Regarding ACLU Accusations "

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Sheriff Vallario was recently attacked by the ACLU and CIRC over alleged deportation of domestic violence "victims". The outpouring of viral link baits from CIRC has been the worst seen on the web over anything or anyone supporting Vallario at mid-term elections.  Of course the local Post Independent and Aspen Times jumped on that and have printed the usual half of the other side of the story.  I say 'half' of CIRC  and the ACLU story because in this case, ACLU and CIRC were fully aware that the "victims" in question were actually arrestees and the Secure Communities program/laws went into effect this week.

Here are some links to show the bias of the PI and a little bit of the viral baits.  There is nothing in the PI over the press release below, so Nanny and I  decided to post the release in its entirety.

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(Letters from Michael Birdsley and Kathy Buettner)

Thank you, Sheriff Vallario for the dose of reality below.  More people appreciate our law enforcement here in the county more than many of us think you know: 

For Immediate Release
May 22, 2012

In response to the lies and slanderous accusations by the ACLU, the most dangerous organization to the United States of America today, as well as the Denver Post, channel 7 news (Denver) and others who produced stories without any attempt to contact the Garfield County Sheriff for an accurate response, here is the official GCSO response:

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office has never turned over a victim of a crime to any organization.

When a person who is under arrest enters the GCSO jail, they are a defendant, charged with crimes and are subsequently booked into jail.  Part of that process is a mandated compliance with 29-29-103 CRS that “requires” the Sheriff to notify ICE of anyone they reasonably believe is not legally present in the United States and although there is a section that does not mandate notification of a Domestic Violence arrest until conviction, there is nothing in that law prohibiting the Sheriff from making that notification at the time of booking.  Further, in accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act, the Custodian of Records (Sheriff) SHALL, upon request release certain information regarding inmates and their booking information.  Failure to provide such information on someone arrested for DV, would also violate CORA.  Therefore, the GCSO is in compliance with the law and as stated to the ACLU in a response letter, until the law is changed we will continue to operate under this practice.

At the core of this issue is the ACLU attempting to protect illegal aliens, particularly females that are arrested for DV and “might” ultimately turn out to be victims.  As there are many things that “might” happen to someone charged with a crime, it is not up to the Sheriff to attempt to predict these many outcomes.  It is up to the Sheriff to comply with and report to ICE conditions set forth in the statutes with respect to those arrested and incarcerated.

Sheriff Lou Vallario states, “I have always been sympathetic to victims of crimes, regardless of their immigration status.  If you are a victim of a crime, you should report it and be provided all of the efforts and services available to victims of any crimes.  Also, having taught Domestic Violence classes at the local Police Academy for over 10 years, I fully understand the dynamics of DV and the associated difficulties with victims reporting their abuse.  This is not a singular issue for the illegal immigrant population but an issue for all victims of DV.  Victims of DV are afraid to report, regardless of their immigration status. To reduce this difficult situation to concerning themselves only with the illegal immigrant population, the ACLU is ignoring the broader topic of DV throughout the state.  Further, if the ACLU does not like the manner in which the law is written, why don’t they find a Legislator sympathetic to their cause and change the law?  Instead, they prefer to use lies, slander and bullying tactics to try to force their will on those of us that respect the law and comply with it.”

These subversive tactics come straight out of a guide titled,  “All in One Guide to Defeating ICE Hold Requests” (see attached) where they promote “attacking Sheriffs” and “driving a wedge between them and ICE”.  Rest assured, the GCSO will not be bullied or intimidated into complying with what the ACLU thinks is most appropriate for our country.

Finally, the automated fingerprint notification system known as “Secure Communities” will be in effect this month in Colorado.  This system, forwards ALL fingerprints produced by ALL arrestees in ALL jails to CBI where they are then forwarded to various databases, including ICE’s. Therefore, as soon as this goes into effect, the provisions of the above statue will be moot in that there will be no need to determine immigration status any longer when booking a defendant into jail.   Obviously, it was important for the ACLU to raise this issue BEFORE Secure Communities for whatever their hidden agenda has in store.

Lou Vallario
Garfield County Sheriff

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