March 8, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: KJCT News 8 "Finding A Voice On Horseback"

Dann Cianca:
"DELTA COUNTY, Colo. -- A special young man is finding his voice, and all from the back of a horse.

Therapeutic horseback riding is an increasingly popular type of therapy used to help people with disabilities or injuries regain skills or develop them for the first time.

Young riders Savannah Russell and Katelan Sinski learned about the practice while riding horses at the North Fork Riding School, southwest of Paonia. Their instructor, Helen Dennison, took them to Durango to see a therapeutic riding program in action.

When the girls returned to Paonia, they thought of their friend David, a classmate from North Fork Vision, a type of charter school in Paonia.

17-year-old David Burns has Down Syndrome and throughout his life, he has had difficulty with his speech. Now as David is getting older, he has embarked on a new endeavor. He has his own delivery business.

"I want him to do something that provides meaning to him," his mother Kitty said.

Now David needs his voice more than ever; that's where his classmates came in...." 
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