May 3, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel "Glenwood festival arrestee sentenced"

Dennis Webb:
"A man arrested last June as part of a controversial law enforcement action during Glenwood Springs’ Strawberry Days festival has been sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison.

David Adrian Ramirez-Centeno will be deported after serving his sentence, said Jeff Dorschner, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver.

Following his June arrest, he was indicted last September on a charge of unlawful re-entry of an alien with an aggravated felony conviction.

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and some local political leaders, event organizers and businesses had criticized Immigration and Customs Enforcement and local law enforcement for having conducted the enforcement action during the festival.

ICE and Garfield Sheriff Lou Vallario have defended the action, saying it targeted local gang members. The sheriff’s office said in a news release today that a multijurisdictional gang unit in the county “will continue to cooperate with all agencies necessary to disrupt and dismantle gang activity and the threat it brings to our communities.....”  (Read more?  Click title)

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."


Notfatfluffy said...

So I was reading over on the Denver Post on this story and CIRC is saying oh we knew Centeno was a bad guy and we did not come to defend him. So when you called the entire operation unconstitutional and that the sheriff’s office was racial profiling Hispanics you only meant it for everyone except Centeno right? Give me a break. CIRC is just back peddling now that it has been proven that the Sheriff Office, ICE and the Glenwood PD were operating above par and were only targeting the bad guys. I think all this does is prove that CIRC which we should change to mean (Colorado Illegal Rights Coalition) was trying to manipulate and use Citizens emotions for their agenda because they knew Centeno was a bad guy from the beginning yet they still made the claims that this was a racist raid, all the while trying to keep quiet the fact that it was taking Bad guys off the street. They are just looking to demonize local law enforcement, Federal officials and stir up controversy that does not exist to push forward their personal agenda of open borders and amnesty.

hot mama said...

One of the things that's getting worse since these groups and their followers have been posting lies all over the internetis how they're trying to disguise and hide themselves.

That kind of poison started and spread from last year follows everything Strawberry Days and everything immigration, gang and drug related in the area for all time. They just pull it out and stick it in wherever they want to just to get an agenda for open borders and amnesty pushed through.

SCOTUS rules on Arizona's immigration laws in a few weeks and they're showing a lot of signs leaning toward blessing all of it, including cops rights to ask for papers and immigration status. Look for Colorado to be right behind Arizona. It's time our cops had the laws stronger and easier to handle.

There's no way I'm going to encourage anybody to go to Strawberry Days this year. Not with this going on all over the state from CIRC:

I hope Lou and all agencies are out in full force.

mack said...

not sure if I care that lou's out in full force this year but it would sure be nice to have an extra low banger and doper crowd because they think he is. maybe then some of the legal citizens can come back to the fair.

Anonymous said...

I think the legal citizens should show up in force this way CIRC cannot claim the low numbers and the failure of the carnival on the "Raid" and a Little Birdie told me they will be there in force Lou and the Chiefs are not one to back down from a fight when they have right on their side

sumfu said...

I was reading up after nanny posted that one about Jesus Audel Miramontes-Varela

You know these things exist everywhere but you don't think about them until something comes close to home. Nature of the beast that we don't look past our own backyard most of the time. What was hitting me was how much money's involved. These are huge businesses when you think about it. I've always thought about no sophistication and no structure. Never tied it all up together that these things are all linked together. somehow the terrorists are off in one place in your mind and the gangs are in another. what got me first the most was how much info was coming up on connecting links like this jesus guy before he got caught. felt pretty darn stupid to have the lightbulb come on that before the drugs and cartels come the gangs and the human trafficking. can't finance the drugs and cartels without the cash flow of the gangs and human sacrifices like illegals, mules and prostitutes. was like getting with a major reality check connecting the dots to how I've always instinctive felt about illegals coming across the borders.

if it begins to have major press coverage all because of a legit bust at a local carnival on father's day then so be it. every face that's an illegal face, not just Centeno's, needs to be secured and dealt with. the borders need to be locked down and secured before we can even have a discussion about how to make them be what we all would like them to be in open and legal access. it's too bad and I never thought I would see the day when we have gangs in the area or that cops would let drugs upvalley be accepted outside the law. but we do and their obviously financing bigger things than any of us outside of law enforcement imagine. if any human being is here legally I'm all for it. if they're not, I don't want them here.

Garcia said...

As a legal mexican on the US side of the border and born on the other side of the border, I hope that when Centeno gets out of our subsidized housing a year from now and is deported that his photograph is plastered all over every port of entry there is in the USA. I might have felt some sympathy for this guy and his family getting busted if he hadn't drug CIRC and AJUA into this and used civilians like human shields. What happened to a very good man in Alvaro Agon was started by the Strawberry Days bust and fueled by Centeno and these groups. If Centeno and his family had just stopped when they filed the lawsuit and let that due process be the end of their feeling a need for justice, I could deal with it. But to turn around at the same time and illegally stalk and hunt the life of a good cop and put fear into the people who are legals that own that right to go to fair safe and easy with no reporters hunting them down was the mark of cowards. In mexico there is hard justice, this is something Centeno knows and probably why he's here in the first place. Go ahead and treat him to his last taste and view of the freedoms of the USA and then send him first class deport back to hard life and hard justice. Next time I go back to homeland to visit I will make sure the port of entry coming and going has his photograph in place. Thank you to the Garfield sheriff's dept and all agencies who will be hanging out at Strawberry days this year. Maybe CIRC and AJUA can finally be persuaded to do their cause the legal and right way by coming and sitting down to the invited table of the cops.

hammerandnails said...

concur, anon. the thing is, strawberry days has a lot more issues than illegals and gangs. if the gist of the whole thing starts to blame every year decline in attendances and sales for vendors on law enforcement and bad publicity, they really can't pull that off. that dog does not even bark when the problem is cumulative and falls square on city oversight of the event. no, folks won't fall for the blame of bad performance falling on the "raid" or "massacre", whatever anybody wants to call it. look no further than the hallowed halls of city hall for all the issues strawberry days has. folks won't let lou or any other agency shoulder the blame. fluffy, we might all be real lucky and scotus will have ruled on arizona law by event time. circ has bigger fish to fry if that's the case. colorado has certain politicians just waiting to lay down a similar bill for us. might be the hick-up's first unpopular stance since he's all for amnesty. time will tell.

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gws44 said...

If Mayor "Stay Safe in Eagle" Steckler, "We don't have problems, it's all the figment of an agenda" Councilman McKinney and their chorus line of Chamberettes....ever try to blame Lou, our agents, deputies, cops and our chief's for the catastrophic problems that ooze beneath the surface of every single Strawberry Days celebration since the first one they let loose the reins of control on roughly two decades ago and then "forgot" who owns the event and "if" there is a contract letting out all that cold, hard cash in chamberette cups to the chamber board; that will be the year that my family and friends stop boycotting Strawberry Days and return in full force and plain sight.

Don't worry about it anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Last real statistics are 2010 and 2011. Estimated $1,117 per year, per legal household to take care of just the basic living needs of illegals in the system. Estimated $100 billion dollars annually and that's a conservative (not political) estimate. We have a near $17 trillion dollar national debt and growing every second. At my house that $1,117 bucks every year would feed my family for almost 4 months. Or even at over $4 bucks a gallon fuels my car for work commute for about 6 months. Pays my kids health premium so he can be in college for over a year. Pays a year and a half of car insurance. Pays the family plan cell phone bill for a year so we can all stay in touch. David Centeno, for every year he was on US soil cost my family $1,117. Now after Strawberry Days he's cost us even more. Do I want him or any other illegal foreign national in my country? No.

Anonymous said...

Years of declines in attendance and quality of vendors. First time law ever called for security over illegals and gangs made years back and by the chamber itself calling for help. Security's been a concern everywhere in the event for years. Tighter controls increase every year for beer garden, vendors and carnival. Last year was the first decent parade in a long time. These aren't complaints just posted in one online forum, there have been complaints turning up all over the state. Why doesn't city council know that? Could it be because of the constant SEO optimizing to hide that's been done on all kinds of problems? Or maybe it's because of council's refusals to listen since as far back as whistles in 2005?

No. The problems with Strawberry Days aren't about CIRC but they are problems for law enforcement to handle. Question for city council is, why aren't they? It's good to know that at least the problem of gangs and drugs that grow bigger every year at Strawberry Days is being handled. Maybe this year my family will give the carnival a try because of that.

MR said...

I think if the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Assoc. spinmaster and her board of directors are looking for a place to blame their shortcomings for the pirated from the city event of Strawberry Days, they need only look as far as their revered Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

It is after all, John Colson who lit the flaming torch with his neon yellow headlines on the carnival arrests last year. It is after all, the Post Independent that continues to throw up blinking red and yellow neon headlines "Strawberry days detainee sentenced.." complete with a year now of similar headlines and repeated stories about virtually nothing that was new news. Including making the massacre one of the top ten stories of the year.

A body has to admit, that even for that queen of canned press releases CEO Marianne Virgili, who is in charge of Strawberry Days, that long-standing influence instilled on cohorts at the Post Independent and the community at large has sure made a mighty effort already to sway the decline of Strawberry Days to look like her usual 'someone else did it to us'.

Frankly, what's the point of police officers worrying about being blamed? The "us" that is the roughly 85% of the community of Glenwood Springs are not all that bad of company to keep. Join "us"! You too, Mayor Stay Safe. It really is a brave new world out here.

FCE said...

Note to Self:
Someday figure out the forensic details of how Chamber Pres and Strawberry Days coordinator Virgili pulls all that blame off. Probably need to outline a list first of who needs to go first in that effort: A) IRS
B)City of Glenwood Springs C) 9th Judicial District D) Tourism Board. Oh, I hope that Mayor Steckler and his family stay safe at home this year! I am so worried about that!

I agree with you, MR.

Fascinating as it is to watch all the spinmaster creations mushroom and grow it would be so much nicer to have none of the extra baggage at all. Aren't coordinators (or are they owners of the event?) supposed to be seen and not heard? Have no spotlights on them at all and the event be all about the participants and event guests? When cops have to act in the line of their duty our local press and leaders look after the event, participants and event guests best interests instead of the miscreants?

jbend said...

I'm with fluffy. Colorado illegal rights coalition sounds better. Who pays for these guys? Are we paying through some perverse method of taxation and we don't even know it?

chirkers said...

chirkers said...
anonymous so lou's really going to be at the fair? he really doesn't have what gossip says he has in city council and bocc and the chamber sitting on him to stay away? because if gossip's true then what I want to know is when are my legal american kids and family going to matter with our rights to not have illegal and crime going on around them?

SandBoxBlogs said...

Hi, 'chirkers'.

You've been gone awhile from the hub! It's good to see you.

I don't think you've been on since I opened up all the regulars to being able to post direct to blog. If you want the secure server still, you can of course still email me like you did today.

I hope things are good in the world of welders, machines and men. Take good care, my friend.

(and yes, I think anonymous is right that same police and feds presence will be at the fair but I'll let them answer for themselves)

hammerandnails said...

yea, man. they'll be there. hear that instead of a bus that this year they have amtrak set up with ice processing, federal prosecutors and a judge on board. straight shot down through texas and on back home. courtesy of garfield county.

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hammerandnails said...

Just in time to stop the raging through the valley questions from a distraught Debbie Centeno, Vallario's holding a public meeting on the gang problems in the area. May 22. Got to and press releases to find out particulars. Maybe Mayor stay safe and esteemed councilman and mocker of visitors to Strawberry Days who have concerns Leo McKinney will attend too. win win.

WingMan said...

So maybe there's merit to the taking prints and DNA thing at the door of the TAG meeting. Could be. just sayin.