May 5, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Basalt woman would be eligible in 3 years for immigration visa"

Heather McGregor:
"GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — About 40 people rallied at noon on Friday to protest the pending deportation of a Basalt woman, whose son recently won a prestigious scholarship to attend Duke University.

Norma Galindo, 39, also known by her married name, Norma Morales, was taken into custody on April 24 by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials on a removal order issued in 2005 and upheld in 2008. She is an undocumented Mexican citizen who has lived in the U.S. for the past 21 years.....

........Now the family is distraught that Galindo is in custody, facing deportation to Mexico, as her son is about to graduate from Basalt High School. The family's younger son, Oswaldo, is 12......

....The Morales family and the Association of Youth United in Action are asking ICE to reconsider Norma's deportation, allow her to stay with her family, attend her son's high school graduation, and “to be given a chance to legally be a part of the nation her family calls home,” according to a press release issued Friday morning......

......In 2006, Galindo was convicted in Garfield County Court of a misdemeanor charge after she tried to obtain a state ID card at the Glenwood Springs Department of Motor Vehicles office using another person's New Mexico birth certificate. Galindo served one year of unsupervised probation.

Hess argues that a policy issued by ICE in 2011, outlining conditions that would warrant discretion on the part of prosecutors in choosing whether to pursue deportation cases, would change the course of Galindo's case. Hess argues in his brief that Galindo meets many of those guidelines.....

....Her disadvantages are the state ID card conviction and her decision to stay in the U.S. despite the removal order.....
....Hess contends that these factors would have led a U.S. immigration judge to make a different decision when Galindo appeared in 2008 for a hearing to appeal the deportation order. At the time, the judge denied her appeal. Hess argues that under the 2011 guidelines, her deportation case would have been closed...... (Read more? Click title)

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."


mack said...

I would think the disobeying a deportation order for 7 years which means she had to run and hide out from the law and the illegal for 21 years is going to go against her on the side of her choices. On the side of Ted's choices I would think that the argument to overthrow her choices (see above) that happened 6 years before the law he's trying to get the overthrow on went into effect is going to go against him in court. As far as her personal qualities Ted has just described the vast majority of legal mothers in the USA. What I don't hear is what about new charges? Evading, contempt? What I don't hear is how about new investigating to see if fake ID's been used or laws broken since her conviction? What I don't hear is why is her lawyer acting so irresponsibly to his client if the goal really is to bring her to legal status? Just like David Centeno and his family, Ted Hess is exposing another family to more intense scrutiny and public attention. What's the goal here, really? A press op? Or acting in a these illegals in a tough situation best interests? I see tremendous need for humane immigration reform in our country. But first we have to get control of the out of control problem of illegal foreign nationals doing what Norma just did. Secure the border and then sit down at the table and let's get the problem solved. Meanwhile I'm pretty certain most everyone feels badly for her but she should have thought about the fact that in 2005 she could have aced getting a green card in a matter of months. Now she's looking at years. What a very, very poor choice she made. Throw the book at this case and ratchet it up with more charges should be the punishment. Or instead be fair and leave her as is and just heavily sanction her attorney.

gws44 said...

what we need to get a hold of is the out of control problem of attorneys like Ted Hess who use their clients like human shields to make a political statement.

I suggest the same advice many gave to CIRC and AJUA when they used our schools and cops and kids as human shields against Agon and our SRO's.

Ted, if you want to change law or get political power going then do it the right way. Stumping, lobbying, running for office and voting. What you do when you file these frivolous and damning to all lawsuits is pandering, it is not proper legal action. How is it worth "a try" to get these people's hopes up? Judges don't change law from the bench.

Shame on Ted Hess. This one is beyond compare to Centeno and Alvarez.

Three years is a long time, Norma. Keep teaching your children right from wrong and go home to Mexico. Come back the legal way.

Anonymous said...

What we need is Perry's Texas law that the loser pays all the fees and costs. But beef it up so that includes the cost to take frivolous cases into court and run them through the system. How is this kind of lawyer activity in the best interests of this mother? He's making things far worse for her instead of making them better.

Anonymous said...

This is truly outrageous. Norma Morales has to be one of the sweetest and most kind women around. She is in a very serious situation that she obviously has been untruthful to everyone in our community over for some time. I don't fault her for that but I have to question who in the heck it is that is pushing her to be under intense media glare? If it's Norma then I will be shocked in addition to outraged at Ted Hess, this Edgar Niebla person and his AJUA group and Heather for running the press. Not every story that these radicals come up with has to run to print, Heather. Same way that not every letter to the editor needs to run or every comment posted needs to be allowed. My god, have we lost our every sense of decency in this valley? This is not Norma, I just won't believe she would ever, ever jeopordize her family by exposing herself to even more legal problems than she already has. Every time she has filled a form out for schools and insurances and day to day life she has lied. Every time behind the wheel of her car. Did she have anything to do with filling out the scholarship application?? What if she doesn't get lucky with the judge, Mr. Hess? What if? This is a very good family that you are harking your political aspirations and beliefs with in very public ways. You are the one that the book should be thrown at. Norma, do what you need to do to protect your family and yourself.

Anonymous said...

it's you bigots and haters that are drawing the attention. to say her own family is trying to get more charges is sick.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, where are any of us speaking bigotry and hate? For that matter, where are any of us saying her family is doing this? I see nothing but calling kettle and pot black. Our town newspaper just doesn't either care or they don't think when they run this trash. What's Ted Hess doing with an obvious bogus filing of wishful thinking when this mother could be facing a lot more than they've charged her with? This extremist group isn't doing her any favors at all, do you really think they're even going to remember her when she's deported? She's being used and exploited is what I think and I know her. Do you? I really do not care if you do or not. I've expressed my opinion and know it's a one-way street trying to talk when someone like you doesn't want to hear.

gws44 said...

Trying to blame comments that are coming in on somebody else's actions isn't going to put the genie back in the bottle, anon.

The more I think about this the more it smells. This does not sound like a mom who would put her kids in front of her. Why is it that anybody standing up to advocates for illegals to break the law and have no accountability are the ones that get blamed for the total irresponsibility of a group like this, a newspaper like this and a lawyer like this?

The other anonymous is right. Every single time Norma Morales even touched and RE-1 school application, college app, accepted a scholarship or signed an insurance form she was breaking the law. Did she ever vote? Drive a car without a license? She obviously faked ID. So what happens now when this college for her son reads all about Heather McGregor, Ted Hess and Edgar Niebla in the news?

Isn't Niebla the one that got booted out of college at CMC for being illegal and trying to go through the cop program? Now he's jeopordizing another kid? He knows better. Or is it just his best friend in Alvaro Agon that he smears for his own politics? What was the chance Edgar had? To do the right thing and go become legal the right way? Then become a cop like his former friend?

These are very good people in this thread and you're welcome no matter what side you're on but you are expected to tell the truth, anon. No bigots or haters here.

Anonymous said...

This is the editor of the PI?

The same editor that grills me every time I write a letter in when it's not something the PI approves of? Same editor demanding accountability for what I want to say and asking if I'm hurting anyone or if I have backup for my claims?

The same editor that lets agreeable to the PI views print anything they want?

Makes sense that she would plaster this woman even I feel sorry for and I don't know, all over that virus web her favorite ad account linked the PI to a few years back.

Got brains? Got the ability to think about consequences? Nice move, Post Independent. Love the front page photo of the kid who was going to college. Sure hope mom disengages from that so he still can.

SandBoxBlogs said...


Dial it down. I will not close the thread but I also do not care for the repeating of concerns that is going on. Regulars to SandBox know there are some law enforcement that do follow. While I am pretty sure they already have put their own thoughts together on whatever and all Ms. Morales is facing or might have done while allegedly evading; there is only the need to let them fulfill their duty to everyone.

I agree with the general gist here that it is very irresponsible of the Post Independent to follow this rally under the circumstances of this family (and) can't for the life of me figure out what in the world Ted Hess is thinking in filing a motion that appears to ask for the law to go rogue and retrofit. But, I am also pretty sure there is a Judge involved that will deal with Ted Hess.

This is a very touching and from a political standpoint interesting story. I suggest that everyone think about constructive dialogue that brings out the emotions of the real problems that are here. Those problems are secure borders and immigration reforms.

With that said, I will only tolerate a certain amount more on genuine outrage over the family's plight. Stump away constructively on the three entities that are deserving of attention in the press, the lawyer and the political activist group. Just leave the personal needs of the family out of it.

Thank you.

sumfu said...

There are thousands of cases in the US like Norma Morales. Americans against immigration laws being broken including the people in this thread, aren't bigots, haters and bad people who don't care. If anything, they care a lot more than the Norma's or supporters of the cases like Norma such as a lawyer like Hess that knows better than to manipulate the law. Of anyone in this story, the true bad guy is Ted Hess. Would have been just sleaze to pump up the hopes of Norma and her family. Even if he warned them it was slim chances he should never have exposed her to the media and this activist group for possible exposure to some who just might be fed up enough out there to dig deeper. Illegal foreign nationals are not "immigrants". An immigrant is someone who is either seeking asylum or is entering America legally looking for immigrant status and citizenship. "Illegals" are all 'foreign nationals' that are engaging in criminal activity if they come without the proper visa or a visa obtained by illegal means. When they sign their kids up in public schools they declare citizenship. Welfare, insurances, any kind of human services, employment of any kind including ITIN number requests declare and swear under oath that they are here legally. Everything Norma has done where her husband and family are concerned is now wide open for a more intense look by all authorities and there are some fed up ones out there. That is gross negligence on Ted Hess's part and he should be sanctioned for exposing his client to jeopardy. I appreciate having immigration lawyers in the US and Hess used to be one of the best. But to manipulate human beings and the uses of law for political gain I have no respect for. His actions in both Alvarez-Centeno and now Morales are wrong. He should be easing their way through the system and not fighting their way in a one-way path to potential catastrophe.

So nanny. You want the political views only? Here's mine:

There is no way we can aid, assist with legal help, insure a safe passage of deportation, grant asylum or amnesty, reform existing laws or create new law until we have these people rounded up. We can't round them up without a tight and documented border. It's like chasing rabbits. Impossible to manage.

If we had a tight and secure border and all illegals already in this country accounted for right now, nobody would be shouting louder and stumping harder for humane immigration reform than myself and my family. The faster we get the hard part done and secured, the faster we can get to the table to pull win win for everybody. Until then CIRC, AJUA, bad lawyers like Ted Hess and lousy, irresponsible editors like Heather McGregor that would do coverage on a woman like Norma; please get off my lawn.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the day will ever come when a pro-illegal immigration supporter will ever step up with an actual idea for a solution that works for the majority. After 40-50 years of losing elections and policy they should be starting to get motivated. I'm comparing Norma Morales as an illegal and a mom with a responsibility to her family to the story the other day of Julieta Quinones off the Denver Post. Identical kinds of moms and community members from poverty stricken homeland. Julieta did it right and did it legal. Took only 8 months and instead of buying a forged birth certificate like Norma Morales did she hired an immigration attorney, paid the fees and went through the system. I am finding no mercy in my heart for Norma Morales. Maybe if she hadn't taken this last route of AJUA, Hess and god help her, the Post Independent. Now that she has to this extreme, my political view is to make an example of her and not allow any other crimes committed to go uncharged. Three years is a long time but maybe adding time on here in America in subsidized jail housing will prevent another AJUA/Hess/media coverup of the real problem of illegal activity and put her supporters into the political arena in the proper way. As for Ted Hess? I hope his judge cleans his clock for what he has done to encourage this woman and put her in potentially far worse legal ramifications.

staple said...

Well, it sure looks like Ted and Edgar got the media blitz they were asking for.

Wonder what they think of it?

NotFatFluffy said...

There are some major problems in this entire story and the comments that have followed. The use of people to push a personal agenda, the attempt to move us away from a nation of laws and the attack of people personally when they do not agree with your views. We need to address all of these if there is ever hope of immigration reform. To me TED and Edgar are doing this to try and stir up more controversy and fake outrage. The lies about Strawberry days and the SRO’s have been seen for what they are. So they need to fabricate some new controversy to try and push their personal agenda, which is open borders and amnesty for all (TED likes the media coverage because it brings in more clients). Why do I say it is fabricated controversy? because this woman has been in this country for 21 years and never obtained any type of legal paperwork to stay here. Second she was ordered to leave the country by immigration judge, then appealed it and had that appeal denied and was again ordered to leave this country. Now 4 years after the last Judges order she is still here I hate to tell you folks this alone makes her a criminal because she did not do as she was ordered to by our justice system. Then you factor in the other violation of law by trying to get a driver’s license using someone else’s birth certificate. I am sorry I understand she has a family but to allow her to stay now spits in the face of justice. Every person sitting in jail or prison has a family, yet we still lock them away, because they deserve it because of the crimes they committed. This woman also deserves to be deported because of the continual violation of our immigration laws and local laws. Is it an easy decision no, but it is the just decision based on the choices made by her. Lastly if we are ever going to get anywhere with immigration law we need to stop calling everyone a racist who believes that immigration law should be respected and followed. It is childish and brings nothing constructive to the conversation. This country is a country of laws and that’s what’s made us great. To abandon law every time it is hard or hurts someone would plunge this country into chaos. Go to the sentencing hearing of any criminal and I bet you see family crying for mercy from DUI suspects all the way too murders. If we gave mercy to all because they had a family that it might affect there would be no justice or rule of law in this country.

mack said...

There's only one place I don't agree with you, fluffy. And that's the pigeon hole of putting Morales's family into a rationalization that they are just like every other family in the system. No they're not. This is a family that chooses to exploit manipulating her situation and the system by interfering with the system. The majority of crime is just like you say but in this district we unfortunately have 4 major cases on the books right now that have outside tampering and interference going on that is not giving the accused or families fairness and a proper legal shot at justice. Politics is going to change that soon but at least those 4 different accuseds don't deserve to have their families lumped into the category you just gave. Other than that you're dead on accurate. I have no sympathy for Norma. What I hear in most all of these comments is that they aren't feeling sympathy for her or her husband they're feeling sympathy for the kid about to lose his scholarship thanks to media exposure. AJUA, CIRC's picked it up, Denver Post's picked it up, The Republic's picked it up. And Hess is happy as a tick that there is so much coverage for his lawsuit. Scholarship app's are just like public school app's. One of the big hot points over the SRO's and the attacks on our schools and cops was because of the fraud committed by every illegal that fills out the school app and insurance apps that swear they are a legal citizen and have a right to federal funds to educate their kids. Our school districts never check those, never e-verify. Billions of dollars annually go into public and post-secondary college education. Like this kid's scholarship that his mom is asking for special consideration to stay and watch. Those private non-profits for that scholarship of his can't give him that money and free ride now. They have to follow the law. By Hess and these activists exploiting her and her family with this lawsuit and rally, they've drawn all the attention and can blame that loss on nobody. These comments are because most of them want the laws upheld. Now they have no choice thanks to Hess, the PI and Niebla but to demand that cops dig deeper and not let Norma get away without being investigated deeper for all the obvious other crimes she looks like she might have committed. If they don't and prosecutors don't run down her path then the theory that fair and just for all doesn't hold up because the state is overlooking. We will get nowhere on immigration reform until we get harder, tougher and secure all borders and roundup all illegals already here. Then and only then will we make an opportunity to sit down and get laws changed. I'm looking forward to Arizona being upheld and Colorado right behind. I don't think really bad lawyers like Hess, who does deserve sanctions from the judge on this one are going to stop until they have these avenues stopped by border upholds and changes to law. There is nothing constructive about calling people bigots and haters in this thread, anonymous. There isn't anything worthwhile in crying for a husband in this case that would go get this group and hire this lawyer to exploit his family and harm his son's chances. But the real villian here is the lawyer who knew better.

SandBoxBlogs said...

mack, I let your comment go up. But having moderated both you and fluffy in the past, let me interject this:

I think you are just sayin that Morales's family is in a stand alone category up against the other families having issues in the district at getting a fair trial. That the reason you are not comfortable putting them with those other unusual cases is because they made the choice to hire exploitation and asked for interference, they are not victims of interference.

I just want to make sure, if I'm right, that fluffy hears what you're just sayin.

gws44 said...

I hear mack saying that there's now 5 cases (at least) and Norma Morales is #5 but she has no right to be put into the same category as the others because she's hired her exploitation and wants it. I think this kind of thread of chat is exactly what we need for constructive forward movement. Except for an anonymous or two. But even they help out because it shows how far off the other side that's against fairness to the law and just following of law is. If we even get started on how badly the system is bogged down and fails in a lot more cases than cops realize once they put accuseds in it, we'll ruin the conversation. That's a discussion for Hinkley's evidence based training program, politics when it comes to prosecutors and judges and politics when it comes to getting the funding and support law enforcement needs. I also hear myself, mack and others saying that if Morales isn't investigated now or the media and Hess try to back off because their manipulation backfired, then they are going to want to know why. We have to obey the law and rights uniform as they are written.

SandBoxBlogs said...

44 and all:

Back the politics boat up just a bit here. Those "4 cases" range from Rio Blanco, Garfield and Pitkin. "Politics" has nothing to do with those cases being resolved. If there is merit and if they can all get the outside interference, no matter where that interference comes from, off and their path cleared through the system to clear themselves; they will do that without "politics".

"Politics" is relevant to prevent cases like those happening again.

Big difference there, guys. Let's stick to just Norma Morales and illegal foreign nationals.

mack said...

that's what I was saying, nanny. I'm sorry if this is starting to turn directions but it's hard to not let it. We're talking about the legalities and justice of the system. Still coming right back to manipulation and exploiting by Hess and AJUA with more coming on behind them like CIRC jumping on the bandwagon. This is what they want is for the real questions to get layered up so deep nobody can keep the facts straight. That's where the media and the PI come in. Their coverage is what makes it possible for the confusion to cover up the real points. I'm not going to twist the shortcomings we have in law enforcement into this, 44. They do the best they can every day and all day. Do they need to be aware that they better have every single i dotted and t crossed with no circumstantial or 3rd party anything before they turn something lose to prosecutors? Yea, they do. Big time. Do they need to rely on evidence and go get that evidence? Yea, they do. In the case of Morales I hope they're out there right now digging in and making sure. It's got to be equal and it's got to be followed. Nobody likes seeing cases in the system that shouldn't be or cases in the system that should be and aren't. What I'm saying is that this case is the perfect storm to show the good guys and white hats from the bad. I'm sorry if I'm causing you any distress. Just shut the thread down if you need to but it's a good one.

Anonymous said...

The only personal agenda being pushed is Norma Morales pushing hers. Where in this thread is there any other case being talked about? I agree with Fluffy except for the lumping in of Morales to anything or any other case in the system. mack's right. No, she is not just like anybody else. She's choosing to hire the hired guns.

I hope everybody can see how twisted and disinformed these things get when they're handed off to human perception. Is that the fault of the public comments? No. It's the fault of Ted Hess, Edgar Niebla and his group, the Post Independent for not thinking first and wanting flamers. Worse, it's the fault of Norma and her husband for letting their family be exploited.

Let's be clear.

Nobody else but those just named are pushing a personal agenda. What is so sad about these layers of human perception being manipulated is that the real questions then really do sit in silence and do not get dealt with.

gws44 said...

And now full circle back to politics. How convenient it always is for "politics" to insert into select ears their discontent with public comments. Always a great way to make public comments look like what they aren't.I'm sorry if my political comments are causing you any distress, Nanny. I agree with mack. Just shut the thread down. It's a shame but understood.
I don't think he meant to because after a couple years of commenting with him, fluffy is understood pretty easily. But really it's the part of his comment that does lump Morales into some category that must be believed out there that every single case and family in the system is justly there. That just isn't true. Especially in the 9th and 10th judicial districts. I'm a conservative and all for tough on crime. I prove that every day with the causes I help and push forward and with my politics. But if we're really slicing this thread down to make sure it stays on point only, then that one part offluffy's comment is where we start getting into twists and turns. Personally, I don't think he really understood until mack said it again that concern for the family is about the other possible crimes Norma may have committed.Guess it's time for Ted Hess to be held accountable by his judge and cops to go make sure they have Norma on track. In other words, time for the system to really work without the little birdie whispers by "politics" placed in the right power's ears. For my comments, I'm not talking about anything but Norma and the mess this kind of propoganda by the PI, Hess and Niebla creates.

glenwoodsprings22 said...

I agree with everyone except the name caller.

I agree that Norma Morales needs to be treated according to the law. I agree that includes wondering how it's possible now that the PI, Ted and Niebla have exposed her to the activist's world of national news how that treatment according to law can now have cops overlooking everything else she obviously looks like she did that was illegal, like declarations on forms for school and college that is local, state and federal funded or non-profit funded. I agree that part's consequences of hiring someone like Ted and going to someone like Niebla probably didn't get explained to her by the PI, Niebla and Ted. What's the flip side? If the consequences were explained that makes Norma even more accountable for allowing exploitation of her family. Either way she adds on a lot more burdens on top of the 17 to 21 years she's milked the system here as an illegal.

I agree with everyone except the name caller that the laws have to be followed. Let's hope they not just keep being followed by law enforcement, ICE and the courts, there's a part of me that will secretly hope that if Norma didn't have all the consequences of Ted doing this that Ted gets the heavy hand of his judge making sure his conscience comes back to life again and that cops will consider the sources of the PI and Niebla when they possibly arrest Norma on more charges. But first, cops need to do their job and find out the truth.

I agree that it's probably more than likely that politics is still going around whispering in little birdie ears that their prosecutorial camp makes no mistakes, has no cases on the rolls that shouldn't be there, is stellar in the eyes of earthlings and God and does no wrong as the Super White Hat Jungle Colonel and that any bad thing said about them is the act of one person out to get them. I agree that personal belief is a real stretch of the imagination, political aspirations--whatever and that the voting public never believed it's a conspiracy in the first place and still doesn't since the voting public is still talking real loud out here. The pitkin and rio blanco cases are over and just the 2 garfield cases are the most publicized. Doesn't matter because none of that has anything to do with Norma Morales and doesn't have anything to do with every family that gets upset for loved ones in the system.

I agree that's the only thing off in what NotFatFluffy is just sayin.

We have lost every bit of decency and conscience in this valley when any conversation in any medium always comes back to the same point of how much damage is done when people rely on anything that they first started believing based on gossip or 3rd party interfering.

I agree that the real culprits here for making anything get twisted up about the only subject there is in this which is Norma Morales are Ted Hess, Edgar Niebla and the Post Independent. How about putting the three of them in the system for doing that to all of us in the valley? Shame that won't happen. But it should.

In the meantime, everybody leave the innocents who are not the news of Morales alone, seriously think a hundred times over before listening to little political birdies in your ears, stand beside your cops and laws and support both. Maybe in your private thoughts feel compassion for the kids of Norma Morales because of what she just made worse, not because she has to bo back home for 3 years.

Ben said...

They've put this woman all over the western slope's news stations and it's CIRC and AJUA they're talking up. Not the real issue of Norma Morales and why she was arrested years ago, her appeal that was upheld and ICE coming to get her again. The son is on the air interviewing without a clue in his values system that his family is illegal whether he is or not. There is no accountability for any of this showing up anywhere except in public comments. But somehow the subject that's the real topic gets twisted. Good for every person speaking here that's not letting that happen. This is about Norma not anyone or anything else. This voter is going to want a real answer minus the spin machine his office is noted for out of prosecutors in this case if Norma isn't investigated to make sure she's clean and clear everywhere else. Having gone through the college scholarship route for my kids I'm here to say she won't be found clean and clear, you have to attest to law abiding citizenship. When that gets yanked away from this kid who's going to pay for his in kind education? Edgar Niebla or Ted Hess? Now that is as criminal as Norma evading for 21 years.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Mr. or Ms. NotFatFluffy. But I am going to step up their point of "This country is a country of laws".

I have known Norma MORALES for years but apparently I have no idea who Norma GALINDO is. That's a real shame because I could have told her years ago that while I may want to like her as a person I would never sit back and knowingly watch fraud happen or would I allow her to take away from every legal child in our school system because of her fraud.

That makes me now the same person I have always been and will not sit by and say nothing while she abuses Duke University, continues to use fraud in RE1 and exploits her actions for political gains.

I want the same thing I've always wanted and that's for the law to be upheld. "spit in the face of justice"? If there is no investigation into all she is involved in and Ted Hess's ethics and conduct and CIRC-AJUA-Niebla for exploitation, then that is "spitting in the face of justice along with Norma GALINDO".

We will never get to the end of the immigration problem if we keep tolerating this kind of nonsense or if voices stay silent. It is not constructive to get off topic. Thank you to Mr. or Ms. NotFatFluffy for calling this accurately.

FCL aka Former Chamber Lady and supporter of smalltown7 said...

The Glenwood Springs Post Independent has been the victim, same as many others in this town if not the whole town, since at least 2006 and 2007 of one person lashing herself to viral link baiting every time she put her own name into any news anywhere. The City of Glenwood Springs pays every year for viral internet promoting and SEO optimizing of all things 81601. The dual-edged sword of all of us being forced to be attached to the person who did that and continues to pump up her agenda is that 81601 is viral. There is no way the PI could stop their story on Norma even if they want to now. In the world of internet marketing and promotion be very careful what authorities or politicians solicit because your world can turn on a dime. The Pi has never stood a chance against the individual who used them. Where the PI lost all credibility and the chance to turn it all around and get off that run-a-way train is by not investigating in 2009 when the problem was publicly exposed and burying their actions and others ever since.

Norma GALINDO reaps what she sows. The same as someday the person who forced all of us, including the PI into her virus marketing plan will reap what she has sown.

Norma MORALES and all victims of this terrible exposure of Norma GALINDO's life had the right to believe she's just hiring an activist group and a lawyer, not the entire virus based worldwide web.

Who goes to jail on charges of exploitation? Who gets publicly stopped for forcing others to her will for her own gain? Who gets sanctioned for not making sure before filing? How about all of the above minus the victims.

Nanny, it's OK with me if you close this thread. I want to also say that sometimes it has to be scary and hurt more before it can heal.

hammerandnails, avatar supporter of Mr. or Mrs. notfatfluffy said...

I think I'll agree with Mr. or Mrs. notfatfluffy too.

Don't know who fluffy's sayin is pushing a personal agenda but I do know who isn't pushing one

It's about the law and the law being upheld. Sounds like the law has some deeper looking to do and maybe some looking at other people, especially anybody who's exploiting anyone else. It's true that this story is PI swung all over the web now, just like Agon was (what's with these tech savvy latino groups knowing how to work search optimizing and viral baiting? Same thing happens every time a cop runs for an elected office or they want a cop to be a scapegoat) with more outlets picking it up by the day.

The good news as FCL points out is that cops, the PI and the whole town are getting another lesson in understanding how "VirgZilla takes Glenwood Springs" is a nightmare for every one of us being tied to that virus based trail. Doesn't feel so good to have the other edge of 'Zilla's sword backfire on a whole town, does it? Maybe forcing a college like Duke or a cop who cares about the kids to get mom in more trouble. You know that's the thing, Heather McGregor and the PI. When you have no ethics for what you report and don't cover all your bases you sure can hurt a lot of people, even kids.

Just stop your hired guns, Norma Galindo Morales.

You're digging yourself a deep hole, Ted Hess is not the one to get you out of it and Niebla's new best friends CIRC and AJUA are not your friends. Don't believe it?

Just ask pretty much anybody except the 40 crowding the courthouse at your rally. Others will be upfront and honest with you. Kind of like they are doing right here.

Anonymous said...

FCL, formerchamberlady said...
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SandBoxBlogs said...

FCL, please call or email. Thanks.

FCL said...

"Abagado"? Or, "Abogado"?

Link to comment section of DPost article (came off Google Alert below):

Google Alert link:
"Basalt woman ghts on two fronts to stay in U.S. - The Denver Post
When Norma Galindo Gonzales was awakened by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents at her Basalt home early May 1, a valley with a history of ..."

What ICE director John Morton needs in his quest to get internet reg's in place is to get cops and agents everywhere up to speed on ascii trolls, link baiting, SEO tools and viral link technology. If he did most of the ills of the internet would just fall away because he would then know what kind of laws there should be out there on the web. None of them invading privacy or 1st amendment. Instead we all just keep getting stuck with massive crime that isn't even defined as crime yet.

These techies who are light years ahead of cops when it comes to the weapons and ammo of link baiting look like, from the looks of things out there on the worldwide web going to push Norma Galindo Morales Gonzales to martyrdom and ICE again to the back burner.

Send this woman back to Mexico but first investigate everything she's got going on. Some of it only looks harmless on the surface.

Abagado? Or Abogado? Only the ascii troll creators ever know for sure on these things. This citizen victim of the activists and attorney aiding and abetting Norma Galindo Morales Gonzales, her undocumented husband and heaven knows what else really wishes that law enforcement would get up to speed before we go broke in this country battling right from wrong when it comes to illegal foreign nationals bilking the system.

Anonymous said...

(This comment was originally sent in a modified state to the Aspen Times and Glenwood Post Independent editors and Scott Condon as the reporter)

"The fact is, Norma Galindo Morales Gonzales was ordered deported in 2005 after she attempted to use someone else's birth certificate to obtain a Colorado identification card.

Use of "someone else's birth certificate '' is a felony in the state of Colorado.

Here is the law, from the CO DMV website: "all identity theft is fraud" and "Identity theft as identified in Colorado Revised Statute [C.R.S.] 18-5-902, defines the unlawful use or possession of personal identifying information, financial identifying information, or the financial device of another."

You wrote "Their father and her husband, Hector Morales Sr., is also in the country legally."

Actually her husband is an illegal alien, attempting to get permission to remain here, per the Denver Post which wrote: "Her husband is undocumented, but his brother has filed a petition to make him a legal resident."

Read more:

Even if this lady attempts to stay, she will never be granted amnesty. She is now a felon--

Times two in fact."

Anonymous said...

See-not heading to CA--nope!

May 15, 2012

TUCSON, Ariz -- A Mexican national has been sentenced to five years in federal prison in an Arizona human smuggling case involving Colorado.During the course of the ensuing investigation, agents learned the other three immigrants had made arrangements with Galvez-Lopez to be smuggled into the country from Mexico. Each allegedly agreed to pay between $1,800 and $2,800 once they arrived at their final destination in Colorado.

May 15, 2012

"BASALT- A Basalt woman who was in custody in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in Aurora was released unexpectedly Friday evening, in time to spend Mother's Day weekend with her family and friends. A deportation order was issued against Galindo Gonzales in 2005 and upheld on appeal in 2008. After living in the U.S. for 14 years, Galindo Gonzales “borrowed” another woman's birth certificate and attempted to obtain a state ID card at the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles office in Glenwood Springs, according to Hess. She was caught and initially charged with a felony. She agreed to a plea bargain with the District Attorney's Office, Hess said. Galindo Gonzales pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge that is no longer on Colorado's books, he said. The agency investigated her status and a judge ordered her removed from the country in 2005. It was upheld on appeal in 2008. Galindo Gonzales didn't return to her native Mexico. Hess said he pressed the points that Galindo Gonzales has been in the U.S. for 21 years, she learned to speak English, and she's become a vital part of the community."

(This is the only good thing I managed to do, make them set the record straight on her illegal alien husband---> ) The Aspen Times erroneously reported Friday that Hector Morales Sr. was in the country legally...)

gws44 said...

I think that any time even a single fact that's either been oppressed or not linked to a pattern getting put out for the folks eyes is a victory anonymous. over the past seven years of shadow standing up and direct to source fighting against powers that abuse in this state I see accomplishments by the common folks being far more effective than buying in to mainstream politics. sad but true. Colorado is a sanctuary state in a lot of ways. just not as much as it used to be thanks to people like you.

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glenwoodsprings22 said...

I agree with my wife, anon. Any time that facts can get put out there is good.

Humane immigration reform can't happen until we document every illegal in the country and round up every single one of them. The story of Norma with the multiple last names and birth certificates is a good one to show how out of balance we are in this country. She isn't getting amnesty here, she's getting another year of ICE and cops watching her and her family. I'm not all that hopeful that Norma's going to be knocking on ICE's door ready to turn herself in come a year from now. The good news is that she is what she asked to be and that's a national poster child now for rightful enforcement of our laws. She's not going anywhere where she is not recognized. Before bleeding hearts jump all over my comment let me say that I'm more humane, fair and just than any liberal that has put her in that position she's in now. Amnesty and slate wiped clean is not going to ever happen in this country but in the meantime we have the most inhumane human smuggling going on and then when they get here they live in fear and are taken advantage of. The way I've come to see things is that kind of liberal handling is borderline criminal it's that inhumane.

Before we can do anything worthwhile or even have constructive discussions the borders need to be locked down, secured and all of our laws, officers and agents respected.

If Norma of the many names quits this bilking of the press, tells Ted Hess to knock it off and quit manipulating the laws we do have and just says no to groups like CIRC and Niebla's for the next year to come then maybe I won't raise a ruckus against cops who may not be investigating her further like they would anybody else. If she isn't knocking on ICE's door one year from now like she's supposed to then I wash my hands of any care and concern for the Norma Galindo of many names. Should be noted that it is ICE's leniency and not the work of Hess that accomplished this.