April 7, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Housing and the homeless in Aspen"

Isn't that the way of things?

That a government department or agency takes offense and jumps to conclusions without really listening to what the folks are just sayin?

Oh, the plight of the government worker.  It must be tough to take the time to actually read all the facts and look at things from the perspective of 'outside the box'.

Good idea for Erin Smiddy of APCHA to line out the facts for the folks.

Shame she had to do it with the tone of condescending.  Shame that someone like Andy Stone had to encourage and fuel animosity against APCHA with his recent column.

Most folks fully understand that APCHA isn't the bad guy.

The real bad guy is the entrenched power of developers and builders who have been cashing in on the subsidies, tax credits and lower-tier building standards these developments hold.  And the politicians fueled by special interests that advocate it all.

Of course the little guy and the originally well-intended agency are going to ultimately be the only ones left out in the cold.

Too bad the flamers like Andy Stone and the Aspen Times encourage such a travesty of justice and too bad that any government worker becomes so apathetic they can no longer hear what the folks are really just sayin.

Read the rules and regs of APCHA?  Click title.

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