April 7, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Red State "I Am a Real Democrat, Therefore I Now Vote Republican"

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A must read classic.  Now archived over on Red State.

"This I do know.  I know that my whole life I have believed in the power of our people.

I support reasonable safety nets, but personal empowerment.  We can’t allow our country to become a bread line; we must prevent a collapse into complete dependency.  But even at this point, Obama does not truly care about jobs.  In this new bill he proposes more spending on unemployment extensions, but could that spending not go directly to the SBA, or works programs?  No I don’t want these people to starve but blast it I want them to get out of bed.  We have lost our excellence and drive towards excellence.

In order to be a Democrat you have to capitulate to social permissiveness, to political correctness, and nanny stating.  Democrats I grew up with were largely socially conservative, economically populist, and went to Church.  They did not mock God, like many currently do, and they respected our rights to worship.  We now live in a society that publicly respects Ramadan more than Christmas, Muslim more than Christian, and even the Attorney General, while stating tacitly blacks can’t be guilty of a hate crime, used the power of his office to defend a Muslim teacher from being fired for taking time off to worship.  Try getting the teacher’s union to back you up when you miss work for a church bake sale.

But really America, look around.  Who are the givers?  Do you see latte fueled hipster liberals working food banks?  Or is it almost always the good folk from Church, who constantly give of themselves to help their neighbor, as the Bible teaches, and who want only in return the chance to slip a Psalm in your pocket, and to invite you to listen to the Word.

I respect your right to follow a different faith but I require you to respect mine.

I had to detach myself from the rhetoric and see for myself the empty lip service the Democratic Party had become.  With each passing day I feel better about myself, more in tune with God, and am a nicer person.  My Wife has seen this.  My friends have too.  I don’t beat the Bible, and I am surely no Saint.

But when faced with a choice of amoral narcissists, who say one thing then do another, educated to the point of idiocy, confident only the sound of their own words, or good hearted farmers, and mechanics, and churchgoers who I have seen selflessly give of themselves for the benefit of others, what side do you think I should stand by?.....

......I am and will always be a certain type of Democrat. Some call me Southern or Blue Dog, but I will support equality, and defense, and doing right for my country.

I will support fair tax policy, and respect for God, and human decency.

I will work to reduce abortions and provide safe streets and good schools.

I prioritize paychecks before excuses and excellence over mediocrity.

I believe in the brave men and women of our Armed Forces and feel they deserve more respect.

I believe the Government has grown oppressive, and burdensome, and needs to be reduced.

I believe the poor should be fed first through their earnings, so they can someday cease to be poor, and then only if needed through welfare, with some kind of incentive attached, be it labor or educational.

But most of all, I believe in you.  It is for these reasons, that this certain type of Democrat, is now a Republican.  God Bless all....."  (Read more?  Click title)

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