April 7, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: SandBox Astrology "Basic Chart Terminology"

The opening of the door into my understanding of astrology was done for me over twenty years ago by a 65 yr. old woman, who lived in a very obscure rural setting in Delta, Colorado.  Barely 5' tall, almost crone like in her features.  Keen, sharp eyes with a wit and finely honed pen to go with.  A no nonsense, no whining attitude on life, Sara.  I loved her so dearly and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her.

The 'kind' of astrology I use is uniquely my own and is a mix of many schools of study and thought.  So, as we take a look at some of the terminology and interpretations I use, please take the time to read through them even if you are familiar with astrology.

Natal chart
As unique as your biological DNA, your birth chart is like a blueprint for the lifetime.  As though God stopped the heavens for a nano-second and snapped a picture of the heavens and gave you your very own map. The theory is that the chart is the 360 degree circumference of the earth.  Your exact moment of recorded birth, your exact place of birth (latitude and longitude) and your date of birth provide the numbers for the mathematical calculations to calculate your natal/birth chart. 

And here is where most people begin to get confused.  The natal chart is a fixed energy for you in the lifetime.  But the Universe did not stop at the moment of your birth.  Its universal movement continually transits in a counter-clockwise motion around the earth (i.e. your natal chart in the theory of astrology).  The geometric (just like laying out each shot in a game of billiards) patterns of the universal transits around 'your earth' charts the cycles and rhythms of the lifetime. 

Likewise, the fixed geometric patterns, of your fixed energy natal chart, have a great deal to say and reveal about how you will react as an individual as those cycles occur in your lifetime. 

Always there are at least these two primary energies of fixed and cyclic transits working in  a rhythm that is unique as your physical DNA.

The Zodiac
The theory of astrology is that the same 360 degree circumference makes up the Zodiac Belt.  Similar to an aura of energy wrapped around the earth.   Divided, for mathematical and interpretation purposes, into 12 equal sections of 30 degrees each.  These sections are known as decanates and the individual degrees from 0 to 30 each have their own unique energy and interpretation.  Those...are very old school astrology teachings. 

Everyone has all the signs of the zodiac in their natal chart.  For example, the five personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) can fall in a wide range of signs  and by studying all the energy present and the geometric aspects of the chart along with the degrees they fall in and where they lie in individual houses of the chart; we obtain a very clear picture of the individual person.  It's a fascinating and revealing look at yourself.  I encourage anyone to find an astrologer that you feel comfortable with  and study at least this part of your astrological blueprint.

There is a wonderful Allegory by Martin Schulman that does a very good job of interpreting the base energies of each individual sign of the zodiac.

The houses of the chart  
When you look at your natal chart, it looks like a circle.  Remember that the theory is 360 degrees in circumference. That 360 degrees is divided into 12 sections.  Depending on what type of system of calculation your astrologer uses determines whether or not those are equal sections of 30 degrees each (coincides with the 12 zodiac signs that are 30 degrees each (total 360)) (or) unequal in size. 

I prefer the unequal house system of math calculations because the houses of the chart refer to various parts and aspects of our lives.  If someone has a great deal of personal work to do on themselves in any kind of relationship in the lifetime, it stands to reason that the relationship houses will hold a large amount of activity. If one has successfully (in their view as that is what Karma is pretty much all about, eh?) completed where they wanted to go and achieve in relationships previously; it stands to reason that will not be a focus in the current lifetime.  

When you have your astrological chart read for you, a much more clear and personalized view of your house needs in this lifetime will be seen.  For now, below is a sample of a blank, empty chart and descriptions of the basic values each house holds. 

There are broader and more inclusive interpretations of the houses; the following are just the basic concepts:

See the configuration of a 'cross' in the chart example above?  Dividing the chart into (4) quadrants?  Think of the line that runs across the chart at center as the horizon.

Houses 1 through 6 are referred to as "below the earth" and represent the individual and more mundane parts of the lifetime.

Houses 7 through 12 are referred to as "above the earth" and represent where the individual goes out into the world and forms relationships and broader understanding. 

House of the chart are always in opposing polarity.  The polarity of the 1st house is the 7th.  2nd to the 8th.  3rd to the 9th.  4th to the 10th.  5th to the 11th.  6th to the 12th.  Watch and notice how these polarities compliment and polarize each other as you read through the basic interpretations below.  Can you see the exact polarities in the sample chart above?  They may oppose each other but the mathematical calculations that derive the chart itself will always hold the same amount of space within each polarity.  In other words, the 1st house and the 7th house oppose each other, yet compliment each other by holding yin to yang and the same degree of 'space' to let that yin yang dynamic work itself out.

The 1st house begins at the Ascendant, that degree of the zodiac on the eastern horizon at the time of birth.  The 1st house represents the individual self and where we are independent of others.  Refers to the physical body and indicates ones manner of self expression, character, abilities, ego temperament, focus of desire and appearance.  Also shows early environment.

The 2nd house refers to how we earn our living, what we as an individual do to bring money and possessions into our lives that we have earned or have worked to earn.  Indicates also our attitude toward money, all types of possessions and also gives some clue as to the career path and how we will go about earning or maintaining those things.  Often referred to as the house of earned income, it also shows much about our value systems and how much value we place on the things we possess.  This is also the house of special karmic relationships.  Karma is not payment for issues from other lifetimes as new age or judgemental philosophies would lead to believe.  Karma is balance.  For every action, there is an equal and just reaction somewhere in the Universe and transcendent of time as we humans know it.

The 3rd house refers to your immediate environment, neighborhood, town, city or general locale where you live or spend a great deal of your physical time.  This is also the house representing siblings and friends, close relatives and neighbors.  The 3rd house also  refers to mundane communications as well as short trips and general education.  It is also the house of religion and orthodox forms of religious beliefs. 

The 4th house is the home environment, the roots of the soul and representative of the end of the lifetime.  Symbolically, the individual is born into the home and returns back to the home to pass on. Refers to the mother, ones heritage, family background, culture and social background.  Also representative of land, property and real estate.  Notice in the sample chart above that the 4th and 10th house are part of the 'cross' that divides the chart (the soul's DNA, in theory) into (4) quadrants. 

The 5th house is the house of individual romance with another person and intimate relationships. Also the house of children, love affairs, amusements, gambling, pleasure, fortune, speculation and investment.

The 6th house is the home of our everyday affairs, work, routine, co-workers, duties, obligations, responsibilities and the work environment.  This is also the house of health and physical well being.

The 7th house begins the rise of the chart to "above the earth" and is the polarity of the 1st house.  Where the 1st house is the house of individual self, the 7th is the house of marriage, partnerships of all kinds and any time two or more people are engaged in any type of understanding in a relationship or contractual manner.  The 7th house is also the house of social and mundane justice, our legal and court systems and human law.  Basically, in any affair of life where one is engaged with another person, the energy is ruled by the 7th house.

The 8th house is the opposite polarity of the 2nd house.  In the 8th, we inherit what we have in tangible ways.  Legacies, goods of the dead, inheritance, possessions or money that we share in any way.  Wills, insurance, trusts, regeneration, corporate funds.  The 8th house is also the home of psychic phenomena, ESP, the occult and any type of sensory impressions.

The 9th house is the polarity of the 3rd house.  The 9th is the home of spiritual understanding, Divine justice, justice on physical,social and legal levels, broader and more all encompassing  forms of communication such as philosophy, higher learning and divine guidance.  This is the house of ones faith and trust in a higher power in our lives.  Values and morals are housed here, whereas character is a 3rd house trait.  The 9th also rules foreign affairs, foreign travel and ethnicity.

The 10th house represents the highest mark the individual makes in the lifetime and it's cusp is known as the Midheaven of the chart. It is the polarity of the 4th house which is known as the roots of the soul and our point of origin.  Representative of the career and/or sphere of authority and how we conduct ourselves in the outside world.  We are born into the roots of our soul in the 4th house and we go out into the world and leave our mark in the 10th.  Our ultimate standing at the end of our lives is marked in this house.

The 11th house  is the house of  group relationships, friends, societies, our long range goals and objectives, our wishes, hopes and aspirations and how we set ourselves going about obtaining those through relationships with others. Opposite polarity is the 5th house and the home of one on one intimate relations.

The 12th house  is the natural house of the subconscious mind, mysticism.  Our sorrows, personal anxieties, grief and self undoing that we do not show to just everyone.  This is the house of what we consider to be our personal 'secrets' and private thoughts.  It can also be the house that represents outward challenges that are known or unknown until they show themselves.  This is the house where the individual is most likely to be taken advantage of or confined in some manner by another. 

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