April 15, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Not a choice between the two"

William L. Robinson:
"However, you seem to have missed the real point of the resolution. It is a proposal to let the people of Colorado decide, not the environmental lobby at the capital. That would be government by the people, a notion which I think we all cherish. And if the resolution passed, and if the voters approved it, then the answer to the question of whether it would divert funds from existing lottery proceeds or add to them would be answered — by the free market choice of those who purchase tickets. That is another principle we cherish; a free market economy.

So why would the commissioners write the legislators urging them to kill this referendum? Is it perchance because they fear the people might decide that meeting the crushing needs of our returning veterans is worth some minimal risk to well funded environmental interests?

As an aside, let me add that at the first hearing on the resolution last week, it was sad to see the acrimony between the environmental and education lobby on one side and the veterans, who use, enjoy and value those institutions, but desperately seek some way to help their fellow returning veterans...."
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