April 13, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times "Colorado House approves $7.4 billion spending plan"

How about that Governor John Hickenlooper (D) ?  He is doing a pretty darn good job, isn't he?

Now, liberals shouldn't let that go to their heads, it has got to be a fluke that one very good man and excellent leader rolled in at the right time.

Congratulations to Colorado legislators on this historic compromise.  

Ivan Moreno:
"DENVER — The Colorado House approved a $7.4 billion spending plan Thursday, turning what many believed would be an acrimonious process into an unusually jovial time as they kept funding for schoolchildren at the same level as last year and returned a property tax break for seniors.

The Republican-controlled House approved the bill on a nearly unanimous vote, with only one lawmaker out of 65 opposing. In past years, it would not be surprising to have a couple of dozen lawmakers voting no on the budget.

The plan now heads to the Senate, which could debate it next week.

After the vote, Republican Rep. Mark Waller, the party's third-ranking lawmaker in the House, walked over to Democratic Rep. Claire Levy and gave her a fist bump. "I just want to say congratulations on the budget," he said, adding that he'd work with her on executing the knuckle-to-knuckle handshake in his style...."
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