June 9, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Red State "The Overplayed Hand of an Amateur "

Erick Erickson:
"Someone pointed this out to me in email the other day. I believe it was either Neil Stevens or Dan McLaughlin. The point has been made by others as well.

Barack Obama and his campaign have overplayed their hand in one crucial aspect. They spent years getting their friends in the media to believe and sell them as the most experienced campaign team in the world. Look at the 2008 Primary. The Obama campaign would have you believe they beat Paul Begala and James Carville of Team Clinton. They may have beaten Team Hillary Clinton, but they did not beat Begala-Carville. You’d never know that from all the hype.

The reality is actually far different.

In 2000, Barack Obama tried to pick off Rep. Bobby Rush. He went down in flames in that Democratic Primary.

In 2004, Barack Obama beat Jack Ryan, but only did so after Ryan dropped out. Associates close to Obama were able to dribble out the sordid details of Ryan’s divorce and perversions. Alan Keyes stepped in to fully make a joke of the Illinois Republican Party.

2008, Barack Obama ran against John McCain, a man who suspended his campaign right at the height of election season to do something no one seemed to understand who seemed to covet the Republican nomination for vindication much more than he coveted actually winning the White House. The seat Obama had won in 2006 flipped back to Republican hands.

Between his election and now, Barack Obama had the House and Senate, did nothing to improve the economy, caved in to Republican demands, grandstanded at the Olympics meeting only to see Chicago lose out, campaigned for Democrats in Virgina, Massachusetts, New Jersey and elsewhere only to have them lose, and has routinely overplayed his hand in office.
hat is, in fact, Barack Obama’s true pattern behind the hype and myth. He overplays his hand and has his spin machine convince the Washingto Press Corps that it was all intentional and his campaign team are geniuses....."  (Read more?  Click title)

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