April 27, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Hot Air Blog "Fed to WH: We’re not going to bail you out"

Ed Morrissey:
"With economic indicators flashing red all over the place, the Obama administration may be looking at some bad news this spring on economic growth.  If they’re looking to the Fed to toss them a lifeline, they may be waiting a while.  Despite some expectations that the Federal Reserve might embark on a third round of quantitative easing, Fed chair Ben Bernanke announced yesterday that they will wait and see — and keep from causing any more damage:..."
"Facing fire from the left and the right, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke on Wednesday mounted a spirited defense of the central bank’s wait-and-see approach to the economy, arguing that his detractors fail to grasp the damage that could be done if the Fed were to prematurely take any new actions.
After its third policymaking meeting of the year, the Fed left short-term interest rates near zero on Wednesday and said it planned to hold them there until at least late 2014. As it has all year, the Fed continued to say that the economy faced headwinds but would gradually improve. Economic projections from senior Fed officials suggested the economy would grow a bit faster than anticipated early this year and the unemployment rate would come down a bit more than earlier thought, perhaps ending the year around 8 percent."
Bernanke attacked Paul Krugman for demanding an inflationary policy in order to produce a little more incentive for jobs growth.  One would think that the two previous rounds of quantitative easing — which has weakened the dollar and helped drive energy prices higher — would be enough for any interventionist to love.  Bernanke called Krugman’s demands “very reckless”:...."
"Bernanke seemed to take most umbrage at Krugman’s critique, in the New York Times Magazine, which suggests that the Fed has refused to take action to help the out-the-work because it worries too much that such efforts can cause inflation. Economic theory holds that creating money to spur lending and drive economic growth — what the Fed does — tends to cause prices and wages to rise, but the Fed expects that inflation will come in at or below its target of 2 percent for the next few years.
“The question is, does it make sense to actively seek a higher inflation rate in order to achieve a slightly increased pace of reduction in the unemployment rate?” Bernanke said. “That would be very reckless.”..."  (Read more?  Click title)
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hammerandnails said...

Nothing is going to come in and bail out Obama. With the likelihood of two SCOTUS rulings against his two biggest undertakings in his one term, Obamacare and Arizona's immigration law battle, he has the highest gas prices in history, lowest approval rating (worse than Carter, who btw---heard over past few days has blessed Romney), no decreasing in unemployment that's worth anything and has created one of the most volatile foreign situations we've had in ages. Nothing is going to come in and bail out Barack Obama.