April 27, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Note from 'Nanny' "Some guidelines for political commenting on SandBox"

"I am going to put my thoughts on what I am seeing from commentators on certain political races into this post so that there is a link I can toss up on certain news articles as election season heads into the home stretch.

The concept of SandBoxBlogs was finally launched in 2010 because local print news was censoring content from avatars that was perfectly above board in all ways, with the exception that it was content some powerful folks and the media that serves them did not want heard. 

Over the past two years, the exposure of all that  previously quashed information being viewable to the public eye has brought lasting, positive change to the area.  SandBox is not the only independent blog that allows the news to be heard.  There are at least three other very popular watering holes in the area that have large, lively and active hubs.

SandBox, probably due to the wide range of aggregate news we post daily sees the most diverse comments.  The only one that comes close is the liberal leaning community of Aspen Post.

With that diversity there are also wide ranging emotions that rise to the surface of your comments.

'SandBox Nanny' is not shy about giving you the boot or tagging a time out when you cross the line.

With that said, the dilemma she often faces  is 'what to do' when the comment(s) sound more personal than political, more angry than constructive, yet are honest and on point.

There are a couple of local and state races this season, in addition to the boiling hot lava of all national races for office and policy legislation, that are seeing that instantaneous blast through the stratosphere on both comments and attention that the power of the internet provides. 

Those are the races for the 10th, the 9th, the 5th and the 21st Judicial district attorneys.  The Garfield County Commissioner races.  Pitkin County Commissioner races are heating up.  National and state congressional seats in a number of districts as well.

The problem with all of the DA races, most of the commissioner races and a couple of the congressional runs is that it is about personality not platforms. 

It is about ideology, philosophy, values, character and how the individuals involved project themselves out into their sworn duty that then affects the lives of the folks in direct ways. 

Unfortunately, those are the hot, hot and hotter buttons this time around. 


"What we each personally believe, comes forward from our perceptions throughout our lifetime. What we think we see, becomes what we believe. What we actually see, comes from what we perceive."

The catalyzing of first the blogosphere and micro-blogosphere challenges to mainstream media, then the juggernaut of the 'Tea Party' revolution and the 'Occupy' movement coming in next,  have all brought the necessary and positive changes we needed but they also have left behind an aftermath of confusion, disorganization and at times, chaos when it comes to media coverage and resulting communication to the general public. It's both way, way too easy to speak words out there and simultaneously very, very difficult to be understood and your true meaning heard. 

It is during such times that we see the man or woman standing next to us or in front of us as  a leader by their true nature.

The problem of that clarity then becomes, when that human nature is either flawed in some capacity or has personal intent rather than global intent and/or ill intent; the weaponry in a high-tech world that is literally at everyone's fingertips.

As it goes against my personal values regarding the right to be heard, I cannot and will not, curb too tightly your points and messages that are personal against or for, any elected public figure, hopefully elected candidate or any person who is in a position of public trust or sworn duty

We can not hope for positive growth and change if we do not confront the real issues at hand. 

Politics is not a popularity contest.  Nor is placing yourself in a position of public trust a responsibility that you can either turn on and off at will or insert your own personal desires.

Leadership is not always found in who is the boldest, the loudest, the one most seen or the one racking up the most 'points'. 

True leadership is never  found in unbridled popularity and is most often found in those that are not all that well liked or understood by others.

I personally find it unfortunate at best, that we have a couple of races in the state and the nation where the candidates themselves are forcing their outcomes to be about personality, popularity and self-aggrandizing.

Because there is one thing I know with absolute certainty.

The folks are going to call them out on those points in order to get the conversation back to what the folks need to know in order to vote what is best for their lives, communities and country.

just sayin.

With all of the above said, I am also a little weary on personal levels of  listening to the same bloviating personalities trying to outshout, out race and tromp down anything standing in their way. 

Please refresh your memories on my 'Rules, Regs and Worth', and know that this election cycle you all (including the subjects in news articles) have a somewhat impatient 'Nanny' who.....rules.

At least she does here on SandBox. " (Comment ability blocked on this post)
"Unapologetic pursuit and tracking of patterns within the news others make since 2010."