April 27, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/Your Letters "DA's term count is all in the math"

David Mead:
"...Mr. Beeson's first term wasn't by appointment, it was by a recall election. Either way, Mr. Beeson entered into the recall election willingly. He was aware of the reduced term when he entered that election, and served based on the term of that cycle. The world of elections don't adjust, based on ignorance to the law. Beeson won that election, and served his first term accordingly.

The next election cycle had the voters choosing him for election term No. 2. If we add 1 + 1, we get 2. I'm fairly confident the voters, regardless of party affiliation, can add. It's certainly a leap of faith for a seated DA to come forward to defend 1+1+1 equaling 2.

In the bigger picture, Mr. Beeson's DA record isn't much better than his fuzzy math. Based on Beeson's mistrials, and the cost to taxpayers, we can't afford Beeson's fuzzy math, or fuzzy logic interpreting the law.

We have a choice in November. Let's choose competence..."  (Read more? Click title)

Note: "Now that DA Beeson has thrown his hat in the ring for district attorney in the 9th, please take note that there will be no special treatment given to any news press surrounding his race. His articles, if they are SandBox worthy or chosen in the daily agg run-up; will be put up just like anyone else in a political race. What SandBox Commentators will continue to do, is heavily moderate his articles. We are the only news media that provides the courtesy of moderating commentary from the general public on 9th Judicial District and Mr. Beeson's articles. ) "

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hammerandnails said...

Martin Beeson is going to be caught up and tripped up by the details. But I will agree that what's really best for the folks is to get him gone as fast as possible without him having any ability to turn it into another blood let. It's up to the district's attorneys to get him into court and challenge the run. Caloia says it will not be her. I would say she has enough to be getting on with and others need to step up. At least they have the legal costs covered.

MrsRL said...

This is going to be a hard and long race. I think some pacing is in order and am going to sit back and watch to see if other attorneys get him into court where this belongs. The reading of the law (even Salazar's opinion of it) is pretty clear that not only was he not an appointed DA, he was an elected one and the first term was 3 years. This is his 3rd term, he should have properly asked for term limit change like Hurlbert did. Beeson is not a special consideration above the law. I'm just not going to get concerned because Caloia has my vote regardless. I hope they take him out in court and we are all saved the mess.