April 27, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/Your Letters "Partial terms couldn't be filled if they count against a term limit"

Robert Jenkins:
John Colson's April 23 article, “Defense attorney questions DA's eligibility for re-election,” questions whether current District Attorney Martin Beeson, who stepped up and filled the remaining partial term of a recalled DA.......

........states that term limits “have no application to partial terms of office, but rather apply only to full terms.”

Salazar's ruling states term limits don't apply to partial terms?............

......Also, how about asking the current attorney general's office for its opinion on Salazar's previous ruling on this matter and reporting that?.......

.........AG Salazar's ruling makes practical sense and is not a partisan issue, as it applies equally to both parties' candidates serving any partial term of any office.........

.......How would we get anyone to fill a partial term vacancy in any office if filling a short-term vacancy for a few months would prevent that same person from legally running for that office for the full term — in this case, four years.
.......The person stepping up to fill the vacancy did not create the vacancy in the first place. We need people to fill partial term vacancies. Partial terms should not count against that person's ability to serve his own full elected terms..." (Read more? Click title)

NOTE: "Now that DA Beeson has thrown his hat in the ring for district attorney in the 9th, please take note that there will be no special treatment given to any news press surrounding his race. His articles, if they are SandBox worthy or chosen in the daily agg run-up; will be put up just like anyone else in a political race. What SandBox Commentators will continue to do, is heavily moderate his articles. We are the only news media that provides the courtesy of moderating commentary from the general public on 9th Judicial District and Mr. Beeson's articles. )"

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Anonymous said...

There is so much disinformation in this editorial letter, where to start?

Let's begin with the fact that Martin didn't "step up" to do anything. Martin quit his position as a prosecutor and then was instrumental in convincing others to walk out. He then proceeded to lobby heavily for a recall of Truden. And was granted that assistance by Sherry Caloia, who is now running against him as she is opposed to the direction of justice under Martin's reign.

It was not enough to go after Truden for factual issues and performance, Martin launched, maintained and reveled in a blood bath style personal attack. The irony is that he would have won without any of the extra drama if he had simply gone after performance. Never at any point in the recall did he show himself to be a gentleman or forthright politician. Martin determined there were no rules and thus made it so. My comments just given address the entire tone and numerous points attempting to show Martin as gracious, giving of service by "stepping up" and steers Mr. Jenkins in the direction of doing some research to determine whether Martin 'helped' "create" the vacancy in the first place.

An AG cannot "rule". An AG opinion, whether Salazar or Walsh, Democrat or Republican, means nothing at all in the eyes of the law. The law is "ruled" upon by the court. Even when one is Martin Beeson they cannot prevail with falsity against the absolute rule of law. It is highly probable that Martin will get his day in court soon.

What would be refreshing, is to see full disclosure of Martin's record while in office, all of the facts.

In order for him to keep his word to voters to let them decide how they feel about his performance.

Anonymous said...

Excellent concept, anon. No one has ever seen DA Beeson's performance without either the cloak of his cronies or minus the coloring of the lines. Where can voters go to see detailed costs of all of his staff's work, in all three counties? Cost per investigation, cost per trial, statistics on how many motions lost/won with defenders, how many complaints, what those complaints were in detail, how many sanctions and disciplines. With a cherry on top of an explanation of why we never hear about the true wins, such as negotiations in lesser crimes, victim's assistance and congenial relations with all peers and the courts? Or am I speaking of novel concepts?

hammerandnails said...

Would love to see Beeson's real performance record. If Caloia's on her game she'll post the entire thing up and keep it up until election day. And set up an email account just between her and the voters with a guarantee of anonymity so they can write to her without fear of retaliation and tell their stories. There's a lot of them out there. All good information she's going to need when she takes office.