April 28, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel "Abby & Jennifer Recovery Foundation for years has been out of compliance"

There are four.  Only four print newspapers in the State of Colorado that are held as the most trusted coverage. 

The old war horse of the Pueblo Chieftain. The 'small' local papers in the Aspen Daily News and Steamboat Today (formerly Steamboat Pilot) and the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel since it has been under the ownership of the Seaton family.

If you wonder 'why' you do not see these publications jumping all over every hot buzz story that comes into view here in Colorado; their patience, integrity and experience probably has something to do with their holding back.

When these newspapers speak big, the folks listen.

Today, the Sentinel enters the western slope's (and some front range simmering) interest in non-profit financial disclosures, responsibility in accounting practices, public trust over accountability and transparency in the handling of  funds and ethics; by taking a look at the 'Abby and Jennifer Recovery Foundation'.

Excellent reporting from Mike Wiggins today.  Over on the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

Mike Wiggins:
"Ten years ago this month, hundreds of people gathered in Grand Junction to look for a mother and daughter the vast majority of them had never met.

For 11 days, with the assistance of a Texas-based nonprofit organization, they scoured canyons, sagebrush-covered hills and the Colorado and Gunnison rivers, trying to learn what had become of 34-year-old Jennifer Blagg and her 6-year-old daughter, Abby.

Connie Flukey, a mother of eight, joined the initial wave of volunteers, drawn by the pleas for help from Jennifer’s mother. She quickly formed a spin-off of the Texas group and vowed to search for missing persons in the name of Jennifer and Abby.

But a Daily Sentinel investigation found the Abby & Jennifer Recovery Foundation has been out of compliance with state and federal regulations—and possibly in violation of state law—for years...."
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"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."

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