April 28, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Craig Daily Press "Meeker robbery suspect arraigned Friday"

9th Judicial District Court Judge Denise Lynch,  follows the growing number of judges in the 9th and issues an all encompassing gag order in a criminal case.   

In the appearance of an absence of district law enforcement ability to protect the integrity of all matters in their courts, the seeming absence of both prosecution and state defense court officers exercising full integrity in the handling of 9th Judicial criminal cases, in the appearance of the absence of ability to trust all support staff and other government employees within all three; the case of  Jock Waylon Thacker and his alleged bank robber status is now protected by Judge Lynch having full control of the reins. 

Bridget Manley:
"...Michael Joos, Rio Blanco County Undersheriff, declined to comment on whether Thacker was still in the Rio Blanco County Jail, citing a gag order issued April 20 by Ninth Judicial District Judge Denise Lynch.

The order was imposed to “protect the defendant’s right to a fair trial” and restricts the release of information to the media by lawyers, court officials and other government employees in the Ninth Judicial District, according to court documents....."
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