April 11, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit Daily News "Summit Up 4-11-12: Looking for old prom photos"

"Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world's only daily column that's all fired up for Earth Day this year. We're harvesting earthworms, operating earth-moving equipment, moving heaven and earth for (insert highly desirable thing) and eating exclusively out of earthenware bowls.

(sound of whispered consultation)

Oh, OK, we're being told Earth Day is really about conservation and recycling and such. And we can deal with that, too. In fact, we have information in front of us here suggesting that, if you mosey over to Chipotle (over in Silverthorne by the outlets) you can buy a cool, reusable lunch bag like you see pictured here. It's only 18 bucks and ...

(sound of record needle scratching)

Eighteen bucks!? Oh, wait a sec: For that, you get the bag as well as a card good for a free meal on Earth Day (April 22) at Chipotle plus the proceeds go to benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, providing funding to support sustainable agriculture, family farming, and culinary education.

OK, we're down with that. Get thee to Chipotle!...."  (Read more?  Are you sure?  Click title)

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