April 11, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/Your Letters "Doran takes his own bait to praise military"


One of the most fun things to watch when one is a blogger, are the older generations when they grasp how much power they have in their written words hitting the worldwide web.

Such is the case of Richard Doran this morning, who sent a letter in to the editor of the viral-based Glenwood Springs Post Independent awhile back.   Apparently, he has been waiting for one of his regular opponents in philosophy and politics...to take the baited hook he dangled in that letter.

Tired of waiting, he takes his own bait today.

We couldn't agree with you more, Richard.

Richard Doran:
"....The Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy under the Department of Defense and the Coast Guard under the Department of Homeland Security are to be commended for the outstanding successes that they have recorded throughout the history of our country.

These organizations have protected our freedoms and represented our nation courageously, in spite of the many instances when support by Congress is lacking and leadership by the Commander in Chief is feeble or nonexistent. (For the record, “corps” is pronounced “core,” not “corpse” despite being mispronounced twice by a prominent, yet uniformed, public figure.)........

.....So, I say to all our airmen and airwomen, soldiers, marines, sailors, coast guardsmen and coast guardswomen, thank you for your service to our country...."
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hotmama said...

We have an 81 yr. young aunt who learned how to blog and tweet shortly after she learned how to turn the computer on and email. Next thing we know, she bought herself a blackberry so she could not "miss anything" (I think she follows you, Nanny. Probably to keep an eye on us) and went mobile. They make the best trolls, you know. You go, Richard!

Anonymous said...

Nanny, why do you always accuse the PI of being a virus based website when it's not?

SandBoxBlogs said...

Actually, 'Anonymous' I refer to the PI as a "viral-based" site. Which it most certainly is even though the PI may not recognize that. I discovered (along with some IT help) in 2009 that an individual that was/is involved in some internet issues we were investigating had herself linked to the PI through dozens of articles, press releases and other things that she was using to personally promote herself and the organization she works for. She linked those appearances of herself in the PI to numerous viral links and sites. From the looks of things it was all positive promoting of herself. Unfortunately, (simple research into the nature of viral links and SEO optimizing can explain it to you) once someone attaches another (in her case the PI) then every keyword they attached to the publication will spin out of control on the web forever. There is no cleaning it up. So, the original goal of this person may have been self-promotion but unfortunately she tied everyone and everything appearing in the PI to her viral kite-string for all time whether they want to be or not. And that, is 'why' I accurately refer to GSPI as a viral-based site. It isn't an "accusation" and it has nothing to do with me personally.