April 11, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "PitCo to stay out of U.S. Chamber flap"

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I know it will be hard to do. Possibly you won't even be able to pull it off.  But 'SandBox Nanny' is going to ask you to try anyway.

Try to set aside the blatantly obvious fact that this is the first time in recent years, that PitCo has swayed from their modus operandi and acted out of character by staying out of a crony's business.  And the likelihood of that is probably because they are under a federal microscope right now.

Try to set aside the angst you're likely feeling on how wrong it is that there is a sitting, governing body in Pitkin County that has to wait to exercise obvious measures of ethics, accountability and transparency until 'muscle'  puts them under a microscope.

Try to set aside your concern that just as soon as that microscope is pulled off them they will resort right back to their preferred modus operandi.

Once you get all those things set aside...find relief and a sense of well being in the knowledge that they are capable of seeing the difference between right and wrong and the boundaries of what they should be sticking their fingers into as the pie is passed around.  And what they should not be touching in any way because they have one job and one job only to do.  That job is to be the governing body of Pitkin County and attend to only the county and folks business with no political statements, no cronyism, no favortism or social dividing and certainly no personal gains, on any level,  from inside knowledge while in office.

Your sense of relief may be brief.  But from the point forward  of 'muscle' coming to town, it can never be said again that Pitkin County commissioners don't know the difference between right from wrong.  Which could translate out to that sense of relief coming back to you in the future through the course of the way of rightful things.

A special thank you goes out to PitCo BOCC today.  Simply for doing their job.

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