May 7, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "City earmarking $10,000 to gather affordable housing data for summit"

This is amazing news out of the City of Aspen and Pitkin County.

A near 180 degree shift into the world of the common man and into reality.

The very idea that councilman, mayors and commissioners would even be aware that there are growing numbers of homeless and hungry in the community and an entire majority of next step up from that status citizens who look on the outside like they have more than they really do; is astounding in itself.

But for them to move forward so quickly after becoming aware and work toward righting wrongs is not only wonderful, it is commendable.

Thank you so much to the City of Aspen and Pitkin County for taking the reins.

Now, how can all those falling through the cracks or barely above water help make this resource work?  By no longer being silent.  Speak in anonymity if what you have to say goes against big money somewhere or puts you in harm's way.  Just don't be silent and give them the chance to get accurate data.

Appoint a spokesperson who will keep you shielded, ask authorities for a means of anonymous communication to them.  Just speak up.

Dorothy Atkins:
"The city has earmarked $10,000 to come up with statistical models that asses local affordable housing demand.

The study is being done in preparation for a housing summit that will take place this fall and will include public officials from the city and county.

The study will seek to answer what percentage of the population lives in Pitkin County and works in adjacent counties; what the income distribution is of workers in the county and how it compares to the supply of affordable housing units, and finally, how the increase of retirees leaving the workforce affects the supply of available units. The study also will look at what percentage of the local workforce actually wants to live in affordable housing units.

“This is the kind of information we’ve begun to prepare,” said Barry Crook, assistant city manager. “And part of that is we want to get [officials] to hone in on what they want the summit to accomplish.....”
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FCL said...

It's very surprising news given the apathy in the past. I'm glad to see this and thank the folks who helped draw the attention. I agree with you, Nanny. The key to success and making permanent change will be for voices to come forward and speak up. Looks like Lee Mulcahy is finally seeing the fruits of his stand. Thank you again to Lee for starting the conversation.