May 7, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times "Bearing it all at Conundrum"

Paul Anderson:
"Visitation at Conundrum Hot Springs is going to spike this summer as black bears flock to the wilderness, where half a dozen cows were fast-frozen last winter in their own walk-in cooler.

Raw beef and hot pools: That's the definition of a bear spa if I ever heard one. Those lucky omnivores can dine and dip to their hearts' content as they gather for a smorgasbord luring every bruin within range of smell.

But first a crew of hangdog cowhands had to remove the hibernal Herefords from their timberline tomb, slice and dice them into bite-size pieces and scatter the foul and bloody remains.

Stephen King can popularize the operation in a grisly novel. Hollywood studios can pitch the idea to hungry producers: “It's the Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets cattle mutilations meets Butcher Class 101! Think of the product spinoffs!”

Aspen won't have a bear problem this summer, but Conundrum Hot Springs sure will. Once a free feed is put on, bears are not likely to forget it. The potential for bear/human encounters will be epic for years to come. Where else will you be able to share a hot spring with a real live bear? The marketing possibilities are endless: “Get bear at Conundrum!....”  (Read more? Click title)

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