May 20, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Ex-cop in judicial limbo months after DUI charge"

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Chad Abraham:
"...Glenwood Police Chief Terry Wilson agreed that spots on the TRIDENT team are exclusive.

“You have to be proposed as a candidate,” he said.

The DEA occasionally taps TRIDENT members to assist in investigations, though local police are not actually employed by the federal agency, Wilson said.

Wilson declined to say whether Pedersen resigned of his own volition or was forced to quit after the traffic stop. Wilson said he doesn’t discuss personnel matters

Martin Beeson, district attorney of the 9th Judicial District, said in April that he is aware of Pedersen’s role in the drug busts and the statements he made in the hearing. But Beeson insisted that his refusal to release the entire sheriff’s office report about the former Glenwood cop’s traffic stop is not special treatment.

“We don’t want witnesses to be tainted by anything they might read in the newspapers,” he said last month.

“More importantly, with potential jurors our release of factual, evidentiary things about cases always runs the risk that an accused will not get his constitutional right to a fair trial.”

The Aspen Police Department and the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office routinely release arrest reports about DUIs and other crimes in their entirety. But Beeson said it is the policy of the 9th Judicial District “to not release anything to the public” about pending cases.

The case is now back on the desk of the 9th district’s chief magistrate, Judge James Boyd, for another reassignment. Court staff said Boyd may have to give the case to a Meeker judge or an out-of-district magistrate....."  (Read more?  Click title)

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