May 12, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Judge rules against SkiCo in hotdog negligence lawsuit"

Chad Abraham:
"A jury may find that the Aspen Skiing Co. acted “heedlessly and recklessly” when it directed lift attendants to cook hotdogs for skiers before a loading accident involving a Basalt man, a judge ruled Thursday.

Judge Denise Lynch of Pitkin County District Court also ruled that SkiCo is potentially liable for negligence in the lawsuit Ryan Bradley filed despite his signing of the standard waiver to get a season pass.

Bradley sued SkiCo in February 2011 for more than $100,000, alleging that his shoulder was injured when lift operators failed to remove a metal jake table from the Temerity chair he was about to get on.

The metal tables are installed on chairlifts, along with a toboggan, so patrollers can transport injured skiers. The lift operators said they had forgotten the device was still attached when the chair swung back around. Bradley contends the lift workers were distracted because they were cooking hotdogs on a nearby grill. His companions were able to jump out of the way, but Bradley said he was knocked down.

SkiCo has a tradition of cooking wieners for skiers on Wednesdays, though the snacks are often served up on other days as well, said Bradley’s attorney, Evan Banker of Denver. The SkiCo’s hotdog habit violated the state’s Ski Safety Act and Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Act, the lawsuit alleges....."
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