May 13, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times "ICE grants Basalt woman one-year deportation delay"

Norma Galindo "Morales" "Gonzales", has been given a one-year stay from deportation by ICE.

Not by the efforts of immigration lawyer Ted Hess.

Nor by the bullying tactics of AYUA and CIRC.

Not by the biased coverages by a few newspapers.  And not by the concentrated internet spin, including viral baiting, by the techie wiz's who do such 'creative' marketing.

Norma Galindo has been given the reprieve by ICE. 

Now that ICE also has another year in the case of Norma Galindo Morales Gonzales,  it will be very interesting to see what Norma Galindo Morales Gonzales does to meet all of her obligations from the past, the present and likely the next year. 

Equally interesting to watch how the folks and the media continue to cover the saga of Norma Galindo Morales Gonzales.

Thank you goes out to ICE for exerting their authority and their leniency for whatever reasons they may have had to do so. 

(Read the Aspen Times take on the story?  Click title)

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