December 5, 2011

SandBox Comments: Eagle County Times "Cordillera Golf Club litigation heats up"

Avatars in commentary have been pretty hard on the Wilhelm Family up in Cordillera.

No doubt, this is a just lawsuit in many ways.  As managers, especially of construction development in Cordillera, these guys really do belong in the same leagues as the construction set and architect that ran right over the top of Scott DeGraff over in Snowmass and Aspen.  They make the concept of 'unjust enrichment' have a whole new depth of meaning.

But so far, commentators in the construction industry have not said too much about the owners raising the most 'smell' up in Cordillera.

Maybe the time has come for avatars who cross over from Aspen to Vail to start speaking up a bit and level out the playing field for the Wilhelm Family.  In light of the recent press coverage on Base Village, that seems appropriate to do.

There are some crossovers of a few names from Cordillera Homeowners to really, really big projects such as Dancing Bear and Base Village. 

Unjust enrichment is usually a major factor in hurting scapegoats.  And there is no doubt that in a few ways, the Wilhelm Family are scapegoats.

Unjust enrichment is one thing.  But tortious interference is much, much worse.  Criminal in nature if the interference runs deep enough, carries out over extended periods of time or is a pattern that can be proven.

The sad part of the Cordillera mess are all those homeowners, outside of the at least three 'crossovers', that are also the victims.  Same as the scapegoats are.

Exactly how deep did District Attorney Mark Hurlbert really look?  Or was he erring only on the side of the elite, wealthy homeowners?

"For those who are not legally minded, the act of tortious interference is when a party, the tortfeasor, moves to convince another party to breach a contract. It also occurs when the tortfeasor intentionally disrupts the wherewithal of a party to meet its obligations under a contract...."
(J.J. Jackson)

(Read all about how things are heating up, for everybody, over in Cordillera?  Click title.)
"Truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident."


glenwoodsprings22 said...

confab with your local builders. they know a lot.

no doubt there are at least 2 who seem to make their investments grow pretty well by interfering in things they shouldn't be. no doubt wilhelm has a major side to this beef too.

far as most are concerned I think they feel like they deserve each other. don't ever be thinking when you run a business into the ground and drag them out for years that sooner or later the buck won't come around. that's the trouble with only telling a little bit of the truth.

but your right nanny. might as well help out the victims who don't realize yet they're the victims of somebody they thought they could trust as credible.

here's a tip dave.

cross your accusers names over on to everything to do with dancing bear aspen and base village snowmass. then look at the same m.o. after you and staring you in the face.

big money.

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mack said...

Smith should let them just keep falling flat on their faces up in Base Village unless he can make back some of what he lost.

Too late to help the best of the lot of them in DiVenere but maybe if at least one of those suspect Cordillera homeowners that crosses over is flushed out Tom's heart can rest a little easier.

And Hurlbert wonders why the voters don't want his term limits extended.

A reasonable mind can easily see the looking into Cordillera and WFP scraped the same top layer only just like Erzinger.

Clean house on all elected law enforcement that protects anybody. Anybody.

chirkers said...

I never put 2+2 together.

Sure answers a lot of questions, doesn't it?

Why is it that the worst effective mechanism in Colorado construction law is the mechanics lien? What a joke. There is no teeth at all when it comes to big money and bigger power.

These milkers of hundreds of thousands of dollars over all on these projects that they make from the talent and knowledge of trades and builders are criminals.

That never make it into any kind of probe. What I wonder about this kind of big money karma. For every nail driven and every rock placed that any owner has put the blood of unjust interference and enrichment on there's got to be a karmic balance someplace.

Doesn't make up for never being able to collect from these kinds of people like the crossovers talked about here. But having them exposed and gnawed into by a greed monger like Dave Wilhelm just to save his own hide does ease the pinch now doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Ah, but dont' forget what you boys seem to be overlooking again.

With homeowners of McMansions who scrape the bottom of the pond they really truly believe that the golden soiree style thank you party they gave at the end and a couple big old pans of Italian lasagna homemade really do wipe their karma problems clean.

Making up for the hundreds of thou to millions they milked off architect, designers, trades and the builder.

Personally, I think the unbelievably talented, best people in the world from those who really know them in the Tom Diveneres, Scott DeGraffs and at least one more we all know will never know what a postive difference they made. Karmic lesson learned for all of us when one of at least these three names crosses the mind?

Never, ever just look at the surface of an issue.

As for Hurlbert, am beginning to think these district attorneys should be screened for how much they actually know about law and all branches of it before they're even allowed to run. The only one worth a damn currently in office today is Buck over in Weld. There's a few others that are stable enough to at least listen or check something when they don't know but it's ridiculous how many in Colorado alone are making major mistakes and cops and the citizens suffer for it. Tough job being a DA but you should know it before you sign up. Time for Hurlbert to go.