April 9, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Citizen Telegram "Vegetable buckshot: Eagle Springs Organic takes aim at Rifle"

Nelson Harvey:
"To a first-time visitor, the mesa west of Silt where Eagle Springs Organic sits can seem like an unlikely place for a sustainable agriculture operation. To get there, you follow a dirt road that winds past an electrical transfer station and several gas drilling rigs.

Unexpectedly, the road dead-ends in front of a tremendous greenhouse, the peaks and valleys of its roof extending for more than an acre into the distance. It is surrounded by hundreds more acres of pastureland and outdoor growing space.

Despite its unlikely location, this certified organic farm has become one of the most influential players in the region's budding local food movement since it was founded in 2010. And now, owner Ken Sack, a wealthy former pharmacist and insurance executive from Florida, is looking to Rifle as the home for his farm's next project...." (Read more?  Click title)

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."

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