February 9, 2012

SandBox Comments: Denver Channel "Feds Make Largest Mass Drug Arrest In Colo. History"

Thank you to all agencies, officers, agents, task forces and prosecutors who participated in this, the biggest drug and gang  bust in Colorado's history.  You are so appreciated.

Alan Gathright and Kim Nguyen:

"...You have 500 cops at 6 in the morning who are taking suspects into custody who were this violent and this dangerous and have nobody hurt, it's remarkable. It's rare that I've seen a sophisticated operation done so well and done so smoothly," said Aurora police Chief Dan Oates.

There were close too 100 arrest warrants and dozens of commanders and supervisors working with their teams to make sure the arrests came about smoothly,

"This was not easy by any stretch of the imagination," one law enforcement agent said.

"This is a big deal for Colorado. It sends a clear message to people bringing drugs and selling. And that is,

'Your day will come,'" Walsh said.

"The local gangs should be on notice. If they are involved in violence and they are involved in drug trafficking ... they will go down," said Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr.

He said the effort to disrupt and dismantle the criminal organizations responsible for that "is by no means over and will lead to further investigations."

The investigation showed that the drugs were going to streets of metro Denver, and not mean for any other state...."  (Read more?  Click title)

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."


jbend said...

Unbelievable how great this bust is. It goes to show that our cops do know what it's going to take to send the message to these Mexican drug cartels that are being funded by middle east terrorist groups like Hezbollah that Colorado is off limits. They won't be allowed to stay here if they already are. Pretty soon they won't be allowed back in. I see this bust as a pretty strong message from law enforcement to the failed career politicians we have sitting in power spots like some of our district attorneys. That if you won't see to the real needs of the people, our cops will go get the feds and deal with it. No more of this right under your noses. This kind of enforcement sends a really powerful message to the violence these cartels and gangs represent. Our cops know where you are or they are very close to finding out. You will be caught and we have a zero tolerance policy in Colorado. Every parent that cares is grateful this morning. Thanks for being there and doing a really great job.

MR said...

Thank you from our house for this huge effort and bust. How awesome is it that it was pulled off without a hitch, no one got hurt? Sort of reminds us all of the big geriatric drug ring bust by the DEA and Vallario up in Aspen, doesn't it? I'll go with jbend on his comment. If the elected authorities we have in place are going to keep on insisting of doing nothing but sitting on their egos and arrogance while the folks have gangs, drug cartels and child trafficking rings performing sex crimes in Glenwood Springs hotels; then just step aside and let our cops do their job and your job by going to get the feds to help them. Congratulations to all the officers, agents and drug K9 who pulled this off.

Beesonanonymous said...

Careful now, MR.

If this was the Post Independent you'd be booted for that comment.

They've got to protect their crony interests in this town, you know.

Puts it into perspective though, doesn't it?

My deepest thanks goes to all the federal prosecutors who continue to step in and do others jobs for them, all the agencies, officers and agents who worked this bust and pulled it off. You are really special people and appreciated more than I think you could possibly know.

Vote anybody but Martin Beeson.

hotmama said...

That is the right track to go down and there isn't any other way to look at this. These officers are right and probably haven't said a word about the tolerance levels being broken because they have to work with local D.A.'s.

Hurlbert was another big one that has let Eagle and Summit counties stay flooded with hard drugs. Those voters are lucky enough that he hasn't tried to break law like Beeson is with pushing term limits. Hautzinger's tough on the prosecution end but just as bad in not doing anything to pull his own task forces together. But the worst are Beeson and Thiebaut.

Right now, our own Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Rifle have drug cartel and violent gang connections living right here among us. Our schools, our kids and our businesses. The thought of human trafficking rings and child prostitution using our hotels in Glenwood Springs is so overwhelming we're all horrified.

If our officers have to use outlying and federal agencies to get the job done, then they are to be commended. Blessed. Thanked. Revered. This is a huge boost to cleaning up Colorado and the average citizen is very, very grateful.

SandBoxBlogs said...

January 26, 2012:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to all the cops involved in this. Stay the course.