February 29, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit County Citizens Voice "Microsoft teams up with World Tourism Organization"

Bob Berwyn:
"SUMMIT COUNTY — Web 3.0 technologies and cloud computing could help grow small and mid-size tourism businesses, especially in emerging-economy countries, officials with the UN’s World Tourism Organization said this week as they announced an innovative partnership with Microsoft. Under the agreement, tourism businesses could become testbeds for emerging information technologies.

“The tourism sector has undergone a drastic transformation over the past years and has been evolving towards Tourism 3.0, where users connect to travel websites and interact by sharing their experiences,” said Microsoft International president Jean-Philippe Courtois. “That directly influences the perceptions and decisions of other users and potential travelers. Because of this, it is more and more important for tourism sector enterprises to develop their online businesses by looking to the most advanced technology. In this regard, the adoption of cloud computing is key, as it provides access to a solid web platform that will make it possible to offer more productive, efficient and competitive services,” he said.

The agreement was signed Feb. 28 in Madrid, making Microsoft a strategic partner of UNWTO that will propose, coordinate and spearhead technological innovation initiatives. The deal will also make new technologies available to the international tourism sector in order to enhance its competitiveness...." 
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