February 14, 2012

SandBox Comments: Aspen Daily News "DEA: Montgomery Chitty, former Aspen resident, had role in local cocaine ring"

From the looks in 'the mailbox' this morning, there are quite a few area residents who are nodding their heads in agreement.

"Keep digging..now you're getting in...more power and big money to go....stay the course"

Chad Abraham:
"A former Aspen man and national political consultant was arrested Monday in Florida for allegedly playing a role in a drug ring that streamlined kilos of cocaine to the upper Roaring Fork Valley.

Montgomery Chitty, 60, described in one book as a longtime friend of the late Hunter S. Thompson, faces one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with the intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine.

The charge arises out of a year-long federal investigation into a Los Angeles-to-Aspen cocaine operation that resulted in the grand jury indictments of 10 people, including six from the Aspen area. Seven people arrested in May have since pleaded guilty as a result of plea agreements.

On Dec. 13, a federal grand jury in Denver returned a one-count indictment against Chitty.

A 2009 article in the Aspen Daily News described Chitty as a longtime political pundit and a former consultant to the Democratic National Committee. He was also Thompson’s longtime friend, according to “Outlaw Journalist” by William McKeen.

Newspaper archives show he also wrote letters to the editor decrying developers and various projects.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents arrested Chitty in Big Pine Key, Fla., says a press release from the U.S. attorney’s office.

Chitty appeared in U.S. District Court in Key West, Fla., on Monday, and was being held without bond...."
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sumfu said...

Here's to DEA Special Agent Jim Schrant and his "Big Aspen drug bust team that took out the right dominoes".

Grateful locals just call him 'Bond'. James Bond.

Don't be thinkin that elite big money and influence Aspenites who don't like the drug feds coming to town are going to win on this.

The folks think otherwise, have had enough and appreciate the fact that the long arm of Schrant and his team reaches all the way to Florida. Who knows. Maybe that long arm reaches all the way into Mexico.

mack said...

so true.

who knew?

jbend said...

pretty telling that he's not struggling at all on the bond. in all the years of working upvalley I've never seen or felt more serious energy than there is right now. FBI has the power to get into all government, election and money things that just drugs and ICE can't go. seeing how this all shakes out is good. thanks for the posts able, nanny.