February 14, 2012

SandBox Comments: Denver Channel "2 Arrested For Allegedly Making Illegal IDs In Eagle County"

More detailed coverage than what we recieved locally on the recent bust in Carbondale.

How long now has the general population known that these forged immigration documents are readily available in our area? 

How long now have local small businesses been aware that the biggest facilitators of these documents are our local temp services that primarily supply the construction industry and day labor to McMansions?

How long now have regional avatars in commentary been chatting up tips for cops and ICE on this?

Too long.

Glad to hear that the anonymous tip that led to these arrests in Carbondale didn't fall on deaf ears.

Thank you to all the agencies and officers participating in this bust, now stay the course and do more because there are more out there. 

Including their enablers. 

But a very special thank you goes to 'Anonymous'.  You rock.

(Read the article?  Click title)

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."

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