February 7, 2012

SandBox Comments: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Garfield GOP to caucus tonight"

As is Pitkin County.  Click here.

Colorado's GOP has faced many surprises over the past decade.  Not the least of which was watching a mass exodus leave rank and file by burning their red card and signing up as an unaffiliated/Independent voter.

The end result is not a jump ship on conservative principles.  Far from it.  Unaffiliated conservatives in Colorado are a very powerful group of folks and they are active in support of their politics.  The end result is that GOP functions are not attended well.  GOP messages are read but set aside.  The inherent snobbery of some in the party seem to feel that is 'no loss'.  After all, they know we are most likely to vote conservative in the end.

They're wrong.

It is a catastrophic loss to conservatism in Colorado.  We are divided for no viable reason other than a GOP that is obsessed with power, money and control.

Too bad all caucus turnouts will be better than in recent memory yet falling far short of what they could be.

'Remember Dan Maes'.  (Click title to read article)

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