April 12, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times/Melanie Sturm "Icebergs in way of health care reform"

Classic Melanie Sturm.  Up on the Aspen Times.  A very good read.

"Politically diverse commentators agree that the government failed to substantiate the law's constitutionality in oral arguments before the Supreme Court, though some believe that the court must defer to Congress by upholding its law. However, doesn't our system of checks and balances mean the judiciary must declare unconstitutionality when another branch acts unconstitutionally? The Supreme Court struck down President Bush's military tribunals, so why not the health care law?...."
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"Truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident."


Anonymous said...

Very good read and amazing that she destroyed Obamacare without mentioning it or the President.

Anonymous said...

There remains only one real stumbling block to healthcare reform.

The ability for the average American to afford to carry it.

We cannot reform the problem by putting it on the back of taxpayers, government or employers. The only success that will ever come and finally get the job done is if the paid wages are in place to afford to be able to carry the coverage. No American wants themselves or their family to be without coverage but most will do without before burdening with debt. It is all a real tightrope walk and using the Titanic as its symbol is an excellent analogy.

Jake said...

Start eliminating the problems before you start trying to cure the symptoms that healthcare reform has.

Get rid of all fraud in medicare and medicaid.

Clean up all the fraud and crime in price gouging in insurance providers and healthcare institutions.

Cap the outrageous benefits some government employees get in healthcare benefits. Start with eliminating benefits of any kind to senate and congress, knock them down to half-time of what they are now and send them out in their districts to get real jobs to pay for their own benefits just like every American they represent.

Sign into federal law the same 'loser pays' mandatory penalty on ALL lawsuits.

Fund our military so they can take care of all vets not just the injured and terminal.

Get all that done and it's just like securing the borders before we can sit down to the table and get immigration reformed. Healthcare reform cannot happen when it is burdened in its existing conditions.

Heck yes it's the Titanic. With Obamacare at the helm.