April 12, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "New CMC site found for compressor station"

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You must, as a voter, sit back and let the pride of a job well done roll through your feelings when a few of your votes cast turn out to be excellent choices.

Do you ever wonder, possibly with a sense of helplessness, if your one vote really matters?  So much power out there that just seems to steamroll over the best intentions. 

Here's some proof that you do matter.  That one vote, that one 'purple finger' raised matters.

A very special thank you goes out to our CMC Trustees today.   For proving every single person who voted them in as 'right'.

As far as the issue itself:

It's also very nice, especially for the numerous quashed over the years little guys out here, to have on record some substantiating evidence that there just might be certain "neighbors" and social tier levels in the 81601 community that there is no ability to please unless they hold unilateral controls.  Thank you again, to CMC Trustees for making sure that those individuals had/have the chance to voice their personal viewpoints.

Will they then forever hold their peace when they are overruled?  That is always the question, isn't it?

John Colson:
"At a meeting with the campus faculty and staff on Wednesday, CMC President Stan Jensen tried to assure an audience of about 50 people that he had meant all along to be transparent about the talks with SourceGas.

“On this one, I did not do so well. There is no excuse,” he said.

He invited those present, along with students and neighboring landowners, to a meeting with SourceGas tentatively scheduled for the morning of April 18.

In addition, CMC Vice President Joe Maestas said three students have volunteered to serve on an advisory committee that will participate in future discussions of the issue.

Jensen, in his remarks, spoke favorably of SourceGas' efforts to meet the needs of its gas customers...."
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glenwoodsprings22 said...

Good job by Jensen. This is where the whole thing should have stayed, should never have been tattled on to BOCC and letters to the editor. That kind of phone tree fauxtrage rounding up back strokers is a thing of the past.

Here's what I think about the compressor station itself. It's not about the station, it wouldn't matter if they hid the thing decked out as a high-end custom build exterior. These neighbors up in Spring Valley have been deadset against any kind of build, any kind of growth. CMC only thinks they would have smooth sails if they wanted to build more campus on these lands. Nothing, nothing is going to please these people. The proof of that is in the years worth of project bid submittals for developing Spring Valley. Go to bid clerk or Dodge reports and surf for Spring Valley under the parameters of the past 15 years. Then sit back and see the glimpse of the hard hitting cronyism politics that CMC trustees are really dealing with here. Nothing will please these people. You watch now, this new spot is going to be met with the same ruckus by the same people. Just under a different hat.

Source needs the station, natural gas is a natural fact of life. The best spot for it was the one just left behind. Since that is gone now because everyone that is above board and not steeped in self-interests took the high road and let these people go through democracy without looking into history, that ideal spot is a no-go.

The trustees did what we elected them to do and bent over backwards as diplomats. That's done now, let's get down to the business at hand and be done with it. No more delays.

Nice job, CMC trustees.